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Photo reveal of Arts& Crafts 1917 house kitchen

13 years ago

Backstory: A long-planned house renovation of DHÂs grandparents house on lake which is now our "forever" house. Built in 1917 the new kitchen is in the former dark n gloomy dining room/pantry area.

Inspiration: This songbird tile from Motawi Tileworks in Michigan was my talisman and I carried this tile, a camera and tape measure with me for a year. ItÂs colors led the way.

Our goal: to create a welcoming kitchen focused on the water view and to highlight the houseÂs main feature: the original cypress ceilings and fir flooring.

What I learned: to trust my gut (I already have a list of "wish I had") and how easy it is to get caught up in it and lose perspective. That I didnÂt need every bell and whistle.

The details:

Cabinets: Richmaid/ Pinnacle Gold line, Patriot door in "silent yellow" with light glaze. We didnÂt want soft close but accidently got a few by mistake (no charge)

Counter: Cambria -Kensington . My original fantasy was soapstone.

Sink: Ticor (thanks GW for that tip) Faucet: Mid-range Kohler in chrome.

Appliances: Researched here on GW and went with mid-priced items from local family owned store. Nothing too pricey except refrigerator (SS)

Stove top: recycled from old kitchen


Wall oven and microwave: GE conventional

Refrigerator: CD FD SS Jenaire (see how much lingo I learned on GW!)

Stained glass window reclaimed from an old house.

Wall color: BM Dorset Gold. Bathroom in rear is BM Autumn Cover and adjacent rooms are BM Philadelphia crème.

Backsplash: Much time spent on this and not quite there yet. Coverplates are temporary.

Recycled cypress wood from the house finished with val oil; 2 Motawi tiles from their songbird series and pale yellow bargain grade field tile over the stovetop.

Pumpkin produce advertisement tin to be mounted somehow above stovetop.

Lighting: All cans in ceiling;

Under cabinet lighting TBD

Wired for above cabinet lighting but donÂt think we will do it after all.

Light over kitchen/dining table TBD. Have looked at a zillion options but donÂt want to block the water view at allÂ

To do: wall running along wall TBD. Corner will be kitchen central, phone, bulletin board area etc.

Funny story!! The old cabinet in photo is from the cellar where it had been a work bench. Turns out to be a cabinet from the kitchen they updated in 1938.

DH thinks IÂm crazy but I love it and the price was right.

This Thanksgiving I am thankful for many things including this kitchenÂ

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