Recessed DR cabinet - white or stained? xpost

9 years ago

We're going to take advantage of dead space under the stairs to install a much needed china cabinet in our DR. It will be approx 24" wide and 50"-55" tall (haven't opened up the wall yet to know exactly how much room we'll have). I hope to also be able to do a shallow plate rack above the recessed cab, either between the studs like this:

traditional kitchen design by san francisco interior designer K & M Designs

or as a shallow cabinet above the recessed cab (will pull the recessed cab out so that the fronts line up).

What I can't decide on is whether to go with a white painted cab or a stained QS oak cab.

Here's the argument for painting it white.

All our molding and doors are painted white with the exception of the stairway railing and posts. That is oak (golden oak at present but that will likely be changed to match our new stain color for our floors, keep reading).

This cab will be in one corner of the 14'3" long wall with a pair of swing doors (painted white) leading to the kitchen about 24" in from the other corner. Not sure yet if these swing doors will be paneled or French doors with true divided lights.

I've also toyed with the idea of adding white painted wainscoting to the DR as well, inspired by this photo:

traditional dining room design by boston architect GMT Home Designs Inc.

And here's the argument for making it a stained QS oak cab.

First of all, QS oak is hands down our favorite wood. Our kitchen cabs will be QS, our antique DR table is QS and we have several other antiques that are QS. We're also remodeling every bathroom and we'll likely go with QS oak cabs in these rooms as well (a toilet flood in the bathroom above the DR has forced our hand a bit. The carpet in one room and part of the hallway was destroyed and I don't want to install new carpet until the remodeling projects, including installing wood floors in our kitchen and refinishing existing hardwood, are completed). All cabs will be a medium finished stain. Our wood floors are flat sawn oak and will likely be a little bit darker than our cabs. Lastly, we don't have any white painted cabs in the house. I've been toying with the idea of white painted uppers/stained lowers in the kitchen but I haven't pulled the plug on that idea yet.

The walls will be painted a warm blue (BM Woodlawn Blue, HC-147). The drapes are PB Alessandra Floral in gold.

Thank you!

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