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Kitchen faucet - living without spray?

11 years ago

I went to the store to look at Hansgrohe faucets today and wound up falling in love with the pull-down action of a KWC Eve series faucet. It was such a beautiful faucet with such an amazing pull down head. BUT... then I discovered it has no spray function. :(

So I did a search here to see if anyone has one and had a few hits. Some people do and some of them say they don't miss not having a spray. I'd like to ask if that's still the case? Or for those who otherwise don't have a sprayer at the moment does it really bother you?

I think I would miss having one. I thought a while about when I use mine. Mostly it's just to spray around the sink when cleaning which a non-spraying pull down faucet head could do as well. But I also use it when rinsing hand-washed pots and such. Also the sprayer works better for rinsing rice or canned beans. I'd like to say it's good for washing leafy veggies but since my current side sprayer can't be used hands free it's a little tough for those kinds of jobs.

Anyway, how does the community feel about having only a faucet that does pull down for flexibility but doesn't have a spray function? I have a feeling I know what the answer will be.

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