Trouble with flooring........Any experts out there?

9 years ago

Oh no! This morning I got a peek at the now 3 coats of waterbased poly on the two different woods. One is a 10 year old white oak and looks fine. The older oak has a problem...

It had been screwed down in many places by a previous owner. There were wood plugs over the screws and some wood filler too. (probably from the previous refinishing 10 years ago) It sounds awful to have the screws in the wood, but the planks are narrow and we get a lot of comments by visitors that you can not find that look now, etc...

Anyway, the sanding left most of the screws exposed. And the finishing crew (the contractor did not come back after accepting the job to supervise) just put the poly right over the bare screws. Now some are imbedded enough to have at least put a wood filler over them, maybe a couple are level with the floor.

When I spoke with the contractor, he said he did what he proposed to do: sand and refinish. He took no initiative to consider the now exposed nails. His solution is to apply an oil based putty (that he said is different than the one he would use if he had put it on pre- finishing) and then the last coat of water-based poly. I noticed a smeared look around the hole after he filled one to show me. He said he would wipe it up with a damp rag.

I wish we had gotten a quote for a new floor, but I think we would have been satisfied if he would have sanded, put a wood filler, then applied the pol. I am annoyed and unsure if it makes sense to put this wood filler on or not. He and his crew will be back after lunch to finish.

Any advice? This contractor does do some high end work, which is why we chose him.... I am beginning to think that he saw this as a "small job" to finish quickly and take his money and leave.

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