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Do you have a corner susan cabinet next to range?

December 16, 2010

Do you have any filler in between and how much if you do?

If you don't do you find yourself banging into the range if you are not careful?

The KD we are working with sugested a filler or small spice pullout. We have 82" to fit in a corner susan cabinet, 30" range and a cabinet to the other side of the range. Really 83" but that will bring us right up to doorway trim.


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  • Jon T

    How wide will your cabinet on the other side of the range be?

  • mom2sethc


    I do. I have a small cabinet that I use to put cookie sheets/trays in. It also has a small drawer above it for cooking utensils. See pic below. Cabinet and susan are to the right of my stove.


  • pudgybaby

    I have this set-up with just a 1 inch filler between the Susan cabinet and range. My cabs are full-overlay.

    I would say we have to be a little careful, mostly when closing the door, but in hindsight, I wouldn't do anything any differently. I keep appliances and my large Le Creuset dutch oven in my susan, so it is not accessed all that often, I would say once every day or two.

    I have a pullout for oils and vinegars on the other side of my range and I have to be just as careful with that. It also has 1 inch of filler between range and cabinet.

    Also keep in mind that how far your range sticks out might matter.


  • weissman

    I have a corner susan cabinet right next to my range without any filler. It has a two-piece hinged door and I have no problem with it. You can see pictures on my homepage or on the Finished Kitchens Blog. The cabinet is to the right of the range as you face it.

    My range is at the bottom of a U so I do have a little filler to the left of the range so that the doors and drawers on the left wall can open without hitting the range door or handle.

    fyi - my cabinets were completely custom made.

  • dfzmom

    Thanks everyone.

    itsnotrocketscience-we only have room for a 15" cabinet on the other side of the range.

    pudgybaby-thanks, we may have just enough room for a 1" filler. It's either that or go with a 33" susan which I really don't want to do.

  • Jon T

    So, starting on the right side moving left...

    15'' cabinet to right of range
    30'' range
    xx'' for filler or narrow spice rack pullout
    yy'' for right side of corner section opening
    ~24'' for depth of cabinet run that forms the corner(assuming you have 24'' deep base cabinets)

    83'' - 15'' - 30'' - 24'' = 14''. I think you will need all or most of those 14'' for the right hand opening for your corner susan, no?

  • kompy

    I have a corner easy reach cabinet w/ mitre cut doors and a piano hinge that is on the INSIDE of the cabinet so you can barely see it. I don't have any issues getting in and out of it. I also have a susan on the other side of the kitchen so opted for staggered shelves...which I LOVE. It fits frying pans perfectly and some taller items too.

    Here is a pic of my almost finished kitchen (can't believe this pic was taken 10 years ago!!!!)....and also a pic of a different kitchen showing the staggered shelves.

    Also beware that 3" pullout spice racks should be installed between two cabinets. The sides are almost non-existent so you need something on either side of it to hold it together. You might have room to put an end panel next to it to secure it.

    How long has your KD been designing? I have not come across a line yet that will allow you to put a 3" spice pullout next to an appliance without extra support of some kind. IF there's some trick-of-the-trade, I'd love to hear it.

    Also, you could do a 33x36 assymetrical susan base with a 3" spice pull out....then an end panel, range and cabinet at the end.

  • xand83

    We have a 37" corner cabinet beside our range, no filler. Only about a 1/4" gap too, if that much. It's tight, but nothing touches, and I'm really happy with the look.

  • dfzmom

    Thanks again for the feedback.

    itsnotrocketscience- you have that right. I have another thread going titled "one last request for layout feedback" if you want to take a look at the layout.

    kompy-I'm not sure if he has an extra support in there. I assumed he knows what he's talking about and has been designing or installing kitchens for many years. Thanks, that's something I will bring up. We are going with semicustom cabinets from a big box store.

    xand83, i'm glad to hear it is working for you.

  • dishdiva

    I have a 3" pullout filler between my corner cabinet and 30" rangetop cabinet. Kompy is correct, the pullout is designed to be installed between two full cabinets; the curved wall of the corner cabinet leaves about 12" of open space beside the pullout, from mid-point to rear wall. We fixed this by having a piece of panelling cut to fit there and nailed to the pullout's outer frame during installation. If this isn't done, items can fall out of the racks into the abyss between pullout and corner.

    Here are pics of what the setup looks like. We are, obviously, in the middle of all of this, and doors have been removed for finishing. Granite was installed two days ago, and the large piece with the sink cutout was cracked, so it's not there. Cooktop cutout has not been done yet.

    Measurements from left to right are 15" base, 30" cooktop base, 3" pullout, 36" easy-reach base, if that helps any. :)

  • dfzmom

    dishdiva, it does help. Thank you!

  • still_lynnski

    We have a corner susan cabinet, then the range to the left, then a 12" cabinet to the left of the range, and then the layout turns 90 degrees. I've never had a problem with working at the range getting in the way of the cabinet. I keep all my bulk baking stuff in the corner susan, and this ends up being a desirable place to prep. So I do wish I had added space to the right of the range to have more workspace there.

  • dishdiva


    I see that you'd have to drop back to a 33" corner cabinet to use a filler, and you state you really don't want to do that. A lot of the corner cabinets come in offset sizes; I looked at a 33" x 36" in one of my configurations. In retrospect, I sort of wish I had done that, and gone with a 6" fill cabinet instead of a 3" filler. Even though I'm not using it yet, I've already figured out that my larger spice bottles won't fit in the 3" racks. Not sure if a lazy susan is offered in an offset size; I was specifically looking at "easy reach" cabinets with solid shelving. Revolving shelves are becoming less popular in our area (I have no idea why), everyone I talked with discouraged the idea of revolving shelves. As long as it wasn't "dead" storage space (which I had before), I didn't care!!! :)

  • rhome410

    I hope this isn't a dumb question, but you won't be accessing the cabinet from the range side? We had this situation in our last house with no filler, but the knobs were on the range side, like Kompy's, and it opened toward the adjacent cabinet run. It was where I kept some of my pots and pans, so I wanted to access it easily from the stove.

  • dfzmom

    dishdiva, yes we can get an assymetrical susan so that may help.

    rhome410, yes we will be accessing the cabinet from the range side like kompy's.

  • calimama

    Yes, we have this configuration with no filler and full overlay cabinets. I don't find it a problem, unless something like a handle is sticking out, then the door will bump into the stove, but that would be a problem with a filler also.

  • xand83

    Oh, here we go. Some new pictures. We made sure the cabinets opened before the granite was installed. It's a tight fit, but it works well!

  • blonde1125

    I decided to put a small 6 1/2" cabinet between the stove and the corner susan to hold cookie sheets,etc. The small drawer above doesn't hold much other than the digital meat themometer, but I really like having a place for the cookie sheets. It also makes the corner not quite so tight for accessing the pots and pans I store there.


  • segbrown

    We do (with a pullout in between), but it's the kind you push the doors through and the whole thing swivels inside the opening. I can't remember what it's called ...

    You can kind of see it closed, bottom of photo:

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