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Favorite cold ?? sandwich

14 years ago

When DS and I go to pick up his DD we've come to the conclusion bringing a lunch is better than stopping to eat! Cheaper too with gas prices.

Guess who gets nominated to make sandwiches!? LOL I stop and pick him up at the worksite (He is now a ironworker and working about a half hour from the pickup site) and we drive the remainder of the way, pick her up and high tail it for home.

Last week-end I made egg salad sandwiches, took a bag of potato chips, pop and water and snacks for her.

DS doesn't like ham salad, neither of us are that impressed with lunch meat either and I don't have the foggiest idea of what to make tomorrow.

Whats your favorite sandwich that I could pack and take along?

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  • ronm80
    14 years ago

    I have always liked tuna sandwiches, but can't find any good tuna anymore. Chicken salad is good. Tell me how you make your egg salad sandwiches.

  • wendylynders
    14 years ago

    I LOVE.... cream cheese with a thin layer of mayo on one side... on the butter side, I also smooth on butter and then a layer jellied cranberry sauce, lettuce, tomato and avocado! YUM!!!! Lots of pepper too...

  • glenda_al
    14 years ago

    My favorite of all favorites: camel rider sandwich
    roast beef, bologna & salami with Provolone cheese, mayonnaise, mustard, shredded lettuce, tomatoes & pickles ON RYE, my choice.

    Pimento cheese sandwiches are always great. I make my own from an old family recipe.

  • angela_nor_calif
    14 years ago

    I love turkey sandwiches with just a little mayo. Also love chicken salad and tuna too. Egg salad is a favorite too that I always forget about. Now you have me craving it. lol

  • glenda_al
    14 years ago

    My third choice (btw, it's lunch time and I need to go eat)
    Cream cheese and olive sandwiches on rye, but I think that's a lady thing :o)

  • stephanie_in_ga
    14 years ago

    I like chicken salad, but even more so if someone else made it for me. Time consuming to make a good one.

    My teen DS's favorite is pretty good, too, though. When we have leftover chicken tenders in the frig, he will put them in a wrap, add bacon, lettuce, chopped tomato, shredded cheddar and honey mustard or ranch dressing. That would travel pretty well.

  • sheilajoyce_gw
    14 years ago

    Glenda, add pecans to your cream cheese and olive sandwiches. My mom got me hooked on those.

    I wonder if DGD would like meatloaf sandwiches with lots of ketchup. That was the ONLY sandwich DS would eat when he was a toddler.

    Peanut butter--and jelly, or bananas or raisens????

  • nodakgal
    Original Author
    14 years ago

    Tuna salad isn't bad with green olives! :)
    Ron,my egg salad is just eggs,Miracle Whip, mustard, salt and pepper. Once in a while diced celery.

    Wendy, I am not sure I've ever ate one of those!

    Whooooo Glenda, roast beef,! Bologna and salami, yummm things we haven't had forever since DH has had to cut out so much meat. I bet that would be good on a sub bun too.

    Ohhhh turkey, I wonder if I can find a breast in the meat dept?! I will look, we don't always have them.

    Wraps! Yes Stephanie I think DS and DGD would eat those and heck I am not fussy, I will eat anything and like it. LOL

  • Nita__AZ
    14 years ago

    I love egg salad and BLT on Pumpernickle, you use 3 pieces of bread. Make egg salad sandwich then put BLT on top. Now I want one of those for lunch.

    I also love a turkey sandwich with lots of mayo, stuffing and cranberry sauce on white bread.

  • lilliepad
    14 years ago

    Does DGD like p/b and jelly? That's always a kid pleaser(and some adults too) around my house.Someone else mentioned Pimento cheese.I make my own with finely shredded Colby cheese,chopped pimentos from a jar,mayo or miracle whip to moisten as desired,garlic powder and pepper to taste.My kids and grands all like pimento cheese when they were little and still do.They prefer my homemade to store bought but will eat the store bought if they have no other choice.LOL
    Ron-Do you have Wal-Mart where you live? I buy the store brand white tuna in the pouch.It is dry,no water or oil so you get all tuna,not a little tuna and a lot of water/oil like in the cans.It is pretty good as far as tuna goes these days.
    Glenda-Cream cheese and olive sandwiches!MMMMMMM Haven't had one in a loooong time but think I'll go make one for lunch.Thanks for reminding me.I like heavy Miracle Whip with chopped green olives on wheat bread too.

  • Happy_Go_Lucky_Gayle
    14 years ago

    Tuna Salad is what is usually have. What I would like to have is...a Salami, Bologna, Cheese with Mayo and Mustard. But I haven't had one in years. Sniff!


  • suebdoo
    14 years ago

    Peanut Butter and Banana!

    It's nice to keep one loaf of bread sliced lenghtwise in the freezer. The bakery will slice it lengthwise.
    Cut crusts off the long slice of bread. Spread PB and peel banana and place on bread. Roll it up and you have nice little rolled sandwiches. No mess!

  • Mickey15
    14 years ago

    Peanut butter and marshmallow fluff! Bet DGD will like that! Was dd's favorite when she was little! (And I still like it!!)

  • nodakgal
    Original Author
    14 years ago

    PB&J she'd like. Marshmallow fluff though?? At first I thought ewwwww but Tammy you might have hit upon something there! She LOVES marshmallows!!! she might eat fluff with peanut butter..I will tell her its a marshmallow sandwich! ;) ..heck the girl loves cold hot dogs! **shudder**

    So that sounds right up her alley! LOL

  • molly109
    14 years ago

    Has to be Turkey breast, with mayo and chopped lettuce.

    Oh wow - now I am hungry for a turkey sandwich.

  • Linda Wayman
    14 years ago

    I like egg salad,but I add a little bit of pickle relish to the mayo, eggs, salt and pepper.
    I also love egg and olive sandwiches. That's chopped or grated boiled eggs, a little bit of mayo, a few chopped or sliced green olives and quite a bit of black pepper.
    I like the albacore tuna. I take a fork and really smash up the canned tuna until there are no lumps at all, then I add some salt, pepper and mayo. I like mine fairly on the dry side. Sometimes I add sliced green olives to the mixture. Other times I add some chopped onion as well, and still there are other times when I coarsely chop some pecans, some onion and some bell pepper. That is so good. Oh yeah, I also like it with onions, celery and sweet pickle relish. Except when I add the pecans, onions and peppers I like every thing chopped very fine.

    PB and J is always good as well as PB and banana.

    Canned spam grated finely with some mayonnaise added is pretty good too.


  • lindaohnowga
    14 years ago

    We love cooking a chuck roast, then ripping it apart to make sandwiches with mayo. Love chicken breast sandwiches with mayo too. When tomatos are in season, we enjoy a mater/cheese/mayo sandwich.....all on buns.

  • pump_toad
    14 years ago

    I baked some chicken breasts last night so I had those. Had some sweet Bavarian kraut leftover and I put it together on a sandwich with mustard. I thought it was great ! When I make tuna salad I also use albacore tuna,mayo,pickle relish & sometimes hard cooked eggs. The other canned tuna is just bad stuff in my opinion.

  • stephanie_in_ga
    14 years ago

    My kids love peanut butter/marshmallow creme. I remember having it at my best friend's house when I was little, it goes great with lemonade. ;o) Since I had good childhood memories of it, I gave it to my kids. They also like PB&J with little marshmallows stuck in between. When you slice that sandwich in half, it even looks fun. Make that for your DGD and she will KNOW you have magic powers. ;o)

  • pump_toad
    14 years ago

    I should have read the post better and then I would have realized you were talking about a young person. I thought it was you and your husband so in that case guess you had better not do kraut. LOL!

  • marry
    14 years ago

    We like peanutbutter and marshmallow fluff sandwiches here too! Oh and they are wonderful grilled with a cup of cocoa!
    Grilled peanutbutter and jelly sandwiches are really good to. I know that they aren't cold sandwiches, but thought I'd throw them in for good measure! LOL

    I put some chopped onion and sweet pickle in my egg salad and really like egg salad sandwiches with Cheetos!
    BLT's would be good, they're usually cold by the time I get them put together anyway!

  • mad_about_mickey
    14 years ago

    Cajun turkey, mayo, shredded lettuce, tomato ,sandwich size dill pickle slices.On rye or pump.

  • glenda_al
    14 years ago

    Spam, spam, spam, spam and just mayo sandwich.

  • carol_in_california
    14 years ago

    I love roast beef or roast pork sandwiches with pickles andlettuce on them. And maybe onions.

  • caflowerluver
    14 years ago

    I love all the salad sandwiches too, egg, tuna and chicken. My favorite meat sandwich is pastrami or roast beef. When I go out to one of our favorite resturants I love to get a Cuban Sandwich. The sandwich is made with baked ham, slow roasted pork, Swiss cheese, pickles, mustard, and sometimes salami on Cuban bread or French bread.

  • nan_ar
    14 years ago

    Croissant with cajun turkey, lettuce, swiss cheese
    although its not cold I love bacon on it too...

  • nan_nc
    14 years ago

    Leftover meatloaf with mayo, mustard, and dill pickles on homemade whole wheat bread. Dang, now I'll have to make a meatloaf and hit my baker friend for a loaf of whole wheat!

  • gwanny2three
    14 years ago

    I like just the veggie and cheese sandwhich.....any veggie is good!

  • vicki_lv_nv
    14 years ago

    My favorite sandwich:

    Turkey breast, swiss cheese, lots of mayo, tomato, onion, peppercini, pepper, bread and butter pickles and whatever kind of chip we have (preferably a kettle cooked one) on white bread--then smooshed with your hand until skinny enough to eat.

    Next option would be fresh turkey breast, whole cranberry orange sauce, mayo and leftover stuffing on a white roll.

  • scottymam
    14 years ago

    During childhood summers when there were 24 of us cousins around Grammies camp some favorites were:

    PB & strawberry jam with a cheese slice

    PB & mustard with a cheese slice

    the usual bologna & cheese

    cucumber and mayo

    cheesewhiz spread thin on bread with asparagus spear &rolled

    Cream Cheese with cucumber, carrot, onion, green pepper grated up fine (this was a special birthday treat)

    Grammies homemade Crabapple jelly (turned pink thank you!)
    was good all by itself!

    My son used to eat just mayo, mustard, ketchup and relish

    a popular one around holidays that would not travel well
    Turkey, dressing, dollop of potatoes, cranberry jelly and topped with gravy!

  • caroline1947
    14 years ago

    A good old fried egg sandwich,,,or liverwurst with tomato and onion!!! Odd, I know.

  • Cherryfizz
    14 years ago

    LOL I have never eaten marshmallow fluff and can't imagine eating it between 2 slices of bread! I love marshmallows too but that combination ....

    I love to buy rare roast beef at the deli and make a sandwich using a chewy German Rye bread, provolone or real Swiss cheese or aged cheddar, yellow mustard and lots of horseradish. I really could go for one of those right now. LOL The roast beef is expensive so it is a rare treat.

    How about making wraps to take along - either using tortillas or stuffing pitas. I make stuffed Caesar salad pitas nor wraps and sometimes add a bit of chicken if I have any left over. If I have any taco meat left over I stuff that in pitas too. Cheese, bacon and tomato pitas are good.

    I often poach a couple of chicken breasts to keep on hand for sandwiches or wraps. Faster to poach them than bake in the oven.

    Another great sandwich is a breaded chicken cutlet with lettuce, tomato and lots of cheddar cheese with mayo or Caesar dressing. You can leave out tomato and lettuce if it is too messy in the car.

    Anne who is wishing she had somoe sandwich fixings on hand right now. LOL Why did I open this thread???

  • msprettyky
    14 years ago

    Some of my favorites...

    Peanut butter and honey

    chopped boiled egg, lettuce, tomato, pickles, cheese, mayo on toasted white bread

    creme cheese, shredded carrot, raisins, pecans, cheddar cheese in a tortilla wrap.

    I get this at Roly Poly ....
    Cream Cheese, Raisins, Sunflower Seeds, Cashews, Lettuce, Spinach, Tomato, Carrot, Avocado, Sprouts, Honey Mustard Dressing

    Here is the link to their vegetarian menu...some good suggestions...

    Here is a link that might be useful: roly poly

  • grammahony
    14 years ago

    BLT's my favorite. Egg salad too (eggs, mayo, mustard, salt and pepper. Tuna salad, (tuna, mayo, onion, a little celery). Bologna and cheese & mayo (munster or provolone).

  • scottymam
    14 years ago

    I miss Roly Poly...

  • glenda_al
    14 years ago

    Have a Roly Poly close to me. They offer good weekend specials: sandwich drink and chips for around 5ish bucks