What colors is the Exterior of your house?

9 years ago

How often do you repaint? And if you repaint (or move), would you likely use the same colors again?

We have a stucco & wood trim typical 1924 California Bungalow. When we purchased it in 1973, the widow lady owner had just had it repainted a VERY soft grey/gray with an antique white trim. I always hated that combination, so blah, but let it go since house painting is expensive, and any excess time & money went to the interior.

About 10 years later, when the gray had sun-faded to an almost dirty white & there was some peeling, we had it professionally painted. After doing some color consulting, we went with a slightly greenish blue for the stucco, with a two color wood trim of a bright burgundy red & creamy white. I liked that combination so much that when we repainted 10 years ago, I went with the same exterior paint colors except this time a much brighter blue/green (I guess you'd call it "teal blue").

I'm pretty sure I would repaint with the same colors--- probably in another 5 years as it's holding well. I don't know what the neighborly consus is on our paint choices, but I get a kick out of the numerous teenagers passing by who have given us a big "thumbs up" on our color scheme.

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