Unique idea for my laundry room. could use some opinions.

January 18, 2015
last modified: January 18, 2015
I am in the process of designing a house and I have a rather unique idea for our laundry room. I would appreciate your honest critiques before I present it to my husband and to the design team.

My current laundry room design doesn't work well for me at all. The former homeowner was all about looks and chose finishes that looked cute but didn't even hold up when she owned the home. She spent a lot of money on having a cutesy mural painted on the wall and having the cabinets crackle finished green. She then installed green laminate counters that matched the cabinets' finish. The cabinets' finish and laminate counters haven't held up well to laundry chemicals despite my best efforts to clean up spills immediately.

Another problem I have is that while I have lots of storage space I have little space for putting out laundry baskets for sorting clean laundry. Once I put the baskets on the counter tops I have no space for sorting clothes.

My solution is instead of buying traditional cabinets and storage for the laundry to look to places that regularly store and use harsh chemicals without problems such as science labs and garages for solutions. For a work surface I want to purchase a stainless steel table of the type used in a restaurant or commercial kitchen such as the one shown below. I figure that the shelf below would be a good spot for storing laundry baskets. For laundry supply storage I wish to purchase stainless steel garage cabinets to go over the table and a tall cabinet for storing the art supplies I plan to store in there. Right now I have a closet that stores them but the new house won't have a closet for them. Below is an example of the type of cabinets I'm considering. I haven't picked out the exact ones.

What do think of this idea? Will it be as practical and cost effective as I think it will be? How do I integrate my sink? Any flooring or backsplash suggestions?

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