How to Choose the Right Outdoor Heater for Your Patio

As cold weather hits Orange County and the season for holiday parties approaches, it’s time to think about heating your patio for ultimate comfort. Take a look at this variety of heaters to choose the best fit for your outdoor fancy.
Commercial Patio Heaters
Pumping out 46,000 BTUs for an 18-foot diameter heat range, these units are the most powerful patio heaters in the market. They can also be wheeled away, ensuring exceptional mobility despite their hefty size. Heavy duty yet gorgeous with a stylish finish options, they are perfect for serious outdoor entertainers with big spaces.
Flame Heater
These heaters’ visual flame look makes for top choice in chic. Whether mocha or stainless steel, each variety is a piece of art in itself. Elegance doesn’t take away abilities, either, as they provide powerful heat in every direction with 41,000 BTUs
Stainless Steel Table Top Patio Heater
For smaller outdoor spaces, this portable, lightweight and easy-to-store unit offers warmth and ambience to any patio table setting. Perfect for entertaining, it raises outdoor temperatures 10-25 degrees.
Wall or Pole Mounted Infrared Patio Heater
This revolution in outdoor heating runs on regular household electric current and offers 90% heating efficiency. With less expensive operating costs than propane units, it reaches 100% heat production in seconds. Offering no wasted energy, a nine foot extending heat area and releasing no harmful emissions or toxic residues, it’s perfect for going green–and is adaptable for indoor and outdoor use.

Umbrella Halogen Patio Heater
For a different style in revolutionizing patio heating, this sly piece also uses regular household electric current–saving big bucks and the environment–but it can hide away by attaching to any standard umbrella center pole. Inexpensive to run, convenient to store, with indoor and outdoor use available–what a sleek addition to heating reform!

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