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Wooden Garage Doors vs. Faux Wood Garage Doors

Wooden Garage Doors vs. Faux Wood Garage Doors


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  • dclostboy
    Doesn't it depend on climate and upkeep?
  • PRO
    Cowart Door Systems

    Like most things, it is a
    value equation balancing aesthetics, cost, maintenance, appropriateness, etc.

    This is a great time to be
    in the market for a garage door that enhances the look and improves the value
    of your home. As little as 8 years ago
    the intermediate offerings beyond standard raised panel designs were much more
    limited (like nearly zero). Today there is
    a dizzying array of options at many price points.

    Regarding cost, our
    experience in Austin, TX is that most folks are considering these
    options against budget (this, of course, does not involve many high end
    projects where basic garage doors are not a consideration). It is important to separate functionality from
    aesthetics. To do that we suggest using
    a baseline of a standard insulated door as the functional cost. Anything above
    that is chargeable to aesthetics. Faux
    wood options generally range from 2x to 3x the basic cost. And our true custom
    doors (properly designed, constructed and finished) are usually 4x and higher. There are other nice and lower cost painted door
    options where only the raised panel design is modified. I think that by and large they all offer a reasonable
    balance of beauty/cost.

    No faux wood finish can duplicate
    the "tactile beauty" of a real wood garage door that is well made and
    properly finished. That is where someone
    places their hand on the door and says "oh... nice" (also known as
    the Homer Simpson experience when they merely exclaim a long "oooooh"
    while running their hand over the door:-).

    Having said that, the
    major door manufacturers (Clopay, Amarr, CHI, etc) now offer faux wood finished
    doors that are lower priced, very attractive, and convincing from the street. I would separate these doors by construction. This includes doors with designs "stamped"
    into the face of a steel door and doors with composite construction where material
    is applied to the face of a (generally flush) steel door to simulate trim
    boards. The composite doors offer the
    advantage of a more realistic 3 dimensional appearance with sharp 90 degree corners
    like real wood (metal stampings must have radiused edges to avoid cracking the
    metal). But the composite construction
    comes at a higher price (again, that value equation). In both cases these doors are usually available
    with factory applied paint or faux wood finish that is zero maintenance and
    designed for the life of the door.

    In my opinion, no custom garage
    door using real wood is much of a bargain unless it is capable of lasting 20+
    years looking like new with reasonable maintenance. Garage doors are usually
    fully exposed to the elements. Design,
    construction, and finish are critical to achieving this objective. Wood "end grain", especially at the
    bottom of the door where exposure is greatest should be fully protected,
    joinery should be tight (like any fine door), and the door should be properly
    finished and maintained.

    Our stained doors are
    finished using the Sikkens Cetol 1/23+ 3 coat stain system and painted doors
    receive alkyd primer and two top coats of premium paint like Benjamin Moore on
    all exposed wood surfaces.

    Maintenance intervals vary
    according to exposure. Austin
    weather is more benign than Massachusetts,
    especially this year. However, New
    England is a popular market for premier wood garages from door manufacturers
    like Designer Doors in WI who distribute throughout N
    America. They make a great
    door that is designed and constructed to endure this environment and their
    doors offer warranties up to 10 years. Several
    other wood door manufacturers we deal with, including Carriage House Door Co
    and Ranch House Doors also successfully serve these markets with great custom wood garage

    But none of these real wood products
    are "zero maintenance". Responsibility
    for proper care comes with the purchase just like real wood siding, wood
    floors, etc.


  • Lori

    I am into no maintenance - hence no real wood. Our garage door looks great and will last for years to come -- all I have to do is hose it off occasionally.

  • bungalowmo

    I like real wood! Mine needs some attention, but seeing that they have been there since 1916, I'd say they have held up quite nicely.

    No plastic would have lasted that long! I have since had the roof scraped, primed & repainted.

  • PRO
    Eden Coast, LLC
    Eden Coast Composite Garage Doors · More Info

    Eden Coast, LLC, can create virtually any garage door design
    by combining traditional craftsmanship with an environmentally-friendly composite cladding. Our designs and
    colors are fully customizable and dictated only by your imagination. Below are
    examples of our work we’ve done in the past. Click on our logo or visit www.edencoast.com to find out more. On our
    site, you can check out our blog with topics like finding a good garage door
    dealer and the questions to ask when considering a custom garage door. Thank
    you!<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

  • PRO
    RHD Custom Faux Wood Garage Doors

    Ranch House Doors offers both custom real wood and faux wood garage doors. Call us to compare pricing for real and faux wood. We manufacture faux wood garage doors similar to Clopay Canyon Ridge and Ackue Fatezzi. Our polymer composite based faux wood is very realistic. Not only does it look like wood, it feels like wood! The faux wood material are molded out of real wood and captures the intricate wood grain patterns including imperfections such as knots, cracks, worm holes and holes to add additional character to the faux wood door. The faux wood material is durable and will not rot, crack or split and is virtually maintenance free. Visit our web site www.faux-wood-garage-doors.com or www.ranchhousedoors.com for additional details.

    RHD Faux Wood Garage Doors

  • PRO
    Custom Door & Gate/Greensboro Branch

    How does your faux wood cladding compare to what Clopay uses on their Canyon Ridge Collection? They appear virtually identical. Either way you make some great looking products.

  • PRO
    Cambek-Designer Doors

    Thank you, Cowart Door Systems, for the mention! We take great care and pride in designing and building our doors, which is why we can offer that 10 year warranty!

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