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April 28, 2005


I was wondering if anyone has experience with mugwort infestations. I have a new yard (25' x 50') that has NOTHING but mugwort growing. It was suggested to me to simply cover it with cardboard and soil - but I can't afford that much dirt! I was thinking of just digging it up by hand in the beds that I want to create and then mowing the rest of it as if it were grass (I'm not anxious to have a grass lawn and was looking for an alternative anyway.) Does anyone have advice or experience? Has anyone tried to till it under - I have heard that this will not work as it propagates from the rhizomes...

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  • jscanlin

    Hi, Lolly,

    In my experience, it will come back from small pieces of root, so tilling it under may actually increase it :( Your idea of digging it out by hand in your new beds sounds better - you'll be digging in there anyway.

    Don't know about the "lawn" idea - artemisias tend to become a bit woody at the base. One suggestion to get rid of it might be to cover the "lawn" area with heavy black plastic, temporarily, while you're working on the beds - that should kill it back over a month or so. Not pretty, but you could spread a mulch over the tarps. My neighbor tried this to get rid of weeds, and it seemed to do the trick.

    Good luck!


  • HU-42264382

    love the cardboard myself and instead of topsoil if you mulch in with grass clippings leaves ect. will eventually compost to lovely soil. i am looking to add mugwort to my garden if you have any you'd like to get rid of

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