Why we should not support the peat moss industry

13 years ago

Hi all! I just finished writing up

something I am pretty passionate about. I'd like to make it clear that I am not

doing this to claim moral high-ground, feel superior, or judge anybody. I simply

hold this issue close to my heart and would like to express my views on it, in

hopes that someone can learn a little something and help out the environment. I

have tried hard to not come across as condescending or "preachy" so I hope that

pays off, because that is not what I intend - I just intend to spread knowledge

and have a civil discussion of the topic. I feel as though this post would be most

accepted and understood in this forum.

Since my writeup is suited for a different code

other than html I will link you do screenshots

of it, instead of copy/paste it here.

The link is

And the order of the pictures is from right to left

Make sure after you click on each picture that

you then click on it once more to "Zoom in"

otherwise you can't read them.

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