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How to get rid of musty odor from expensive curtains?

7 years ago


I have 4 yr old dry clean only curtains. We moved about a year back. Before moving I got them dry cleaned and since the last year they have been stored in boxes inside the home. I finally took them out of boxes to hang in my new home and they have a horrible musty smell which is even floating out of the room down the stairs (I have them upstairs in the media room). They have been hanging for about 2 weeks now and the odor is still very persistent!

What is the best way to get rid of the odor? I read suggestions on washing old fabrics with vinegar/baking soda, which I obviously cannot do with these - these are very heavy lined curtains and I'm pretty sure the fabric will get spoiled in the washer. Will getting these dry cleaned again help with the odor? Or will sprinkling baking soda on the hung curtains help? There is not even enough sun these days, so airing them outside may not be very effective!

I am desperate for suggestions to this problem. Don't want to go out and shop for new curtains just because of this issue, but cannot live with the smell :(

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