Is the Alside Mezzo really that bad?

7 years ago

I see many window reviews and there seems to be a lot of people bashing the Alside Mezzo. On 14 windows I have prices ranging from $5600 for Mezzo with the best glass package and spacer and good quality install to $7800 for Okna 800 to over $10K for Vanguard Restorations.

I had 7 windows put in 12 years ago by Champion and they seem decent, although the AI seems high enough that I can tell. Most of my windows do not get direct sun. Heat rises and I always thought AI would be most important and that I have seen articles that say good windows can maybe save 5-15% on energy and take many years to pay back. Is the Mezzo really $2200 - $4500 more inferior if installed correctly?

Surely they would not be in the windows business this long if they were that horrible. There must be happy customers somewhere?

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