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PLEASE HELP! Orchid Treatment advice needed for a newbie.

February 9, 2015

Hi all, I just bought this orchid today, it's my second Phal... I got back to work and discovered that the medium it's in seems to have a white fungus growing on it. After researching, seems that it might be snow mold, but treatment advice is confusing. What do i do? Should I return the plant or is this salvageable? Please help. I really like the plant but I don't want to hurt my first plant. For now i'm just keeping them away from each other but i'm not sure how much space it really needs. Leaves seem healthy but the roots look a little off compared to my other Phal.

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  • Jessica

    Easiest answer would be to return it or exchange it for another (but inspect the next one carefully before accepting it). I'm sure you can find another that doesn't have the health problems and won't potentially infect your other plant.

    I don't grow orchids so am not sure if they would be sensitive to the usual anti-fungal treatments one would use with soil bound plants.

  • sandradclark

    I bought one last year & kept it in my kitchen south facing window. After the blooms died off the leaves stayed nice so I just kept it watered (one ice cube on top of the roots every other day or so). Now it has a very tall branch on it with what looks like about 5 or 6 flowers. Yippee. I'm not good at all w/ plants.

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  • sandradclark

    I know nothing about fungus. But think you would be wise to return for a healthier new one.

  • jackieohs

    sandradclark, that's called a spike and it's very exciting! i'm happy for you.

  • Karen Dennis

    The watering with ice cubes is not a good way to water. Take it to your sink and let water run through it. This will help flush out any minerals that may have been building up. Good luck to you.

  • Northern Orchid

    Plant is good, just change the medium. Mix of sphagnum and bark will work well. Just wash roots before replanting in fresh mix. Or return it.

  • tatts

    Put it in a free-draining pot. Take it out of the one it's in now, get all the medium off of it, and let it sit out for a couple of days and the roots dry out.

    Buy orchid medium that has charcoal in it, plant it all up, then water once a week--a full soak, then drain it. I let them soak for about an hour. Fertilize weakly weekly.

    The medium should dry out a bit over the course of the week and air should be able to flow freely through the pot and medium. Water with tepid water--never cold.

    Bright filtered light indoors (windowsill with frosted glass south-facing window is perfect). Put it outside in light shade in the summer, but not on the ground (slugs and snails like the medium--and the leaves). I've been doing that for over 10 years no problems.

    My full-size phals have a dozen or more flowers at once and the miniature ones normally 30+ blooms.

  • laticauda

    What did you end up doing? Do you still have this plant?

  • Hexyl Cinnamal
    Your plant is fine!!! Don't return it. Take out the medium from the pot and spray all of the roots with 3% hydrogen peroxide. You can buy this at any store - Walmart, Target, Dollar Store, etc. Then repot the orchid and you'll be fine. Hydrogen peroxide kills everything and oxygenates the roots.

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