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Cloudy haze on hardwood floor. Only have used Bona all along.

February 11, 2015

How can I remove this? Our red oak floors had a satin poly finish applied on site I've obly ever used Bona to clean them I hate the cloudy gray cast on them, but am afraid to use ammonia to see if it will come off any thoughts? Thanks

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  • PRO
    Sophie Wheeler

    Bona cleaner or Bona polish? How frequently?

    Ammonia will not remove a *properly applied* polyurethane coating. Not straight ammonia mind you. 1 c per gallon of water. Dampen a cloth, not the floor. Use elbow grease.

  • PRO
    Sophie Wheeler

    That's WAAAAYYY too often! No wonder you're getting buildup. Once a month is about standard. Plain dust mopping in between is all you should need with maybe some spot attention to spills.

  • PRO
    Sophie Wheeler

    No, kitchen floors almost never need as much cleaning as people think they do. And it never needs to be ''washed''. Too much moisture will ruin your floors. If you are using water at all on the floors, you've probably already damage them and it could be that water damage that is lifting the finish and causing a hazy appearance.

    I already told you how to try to tremove the Bona buildup, if that is what it is. 1c ammonia per gallon of water. Spray a clean white towel lightly and rub the floor. If there is buidup, that will remove it and he haze will be gone. If the culprit is too much water and cleaning, then the only cure for a water damaged finsh is sanding and refinishing. Then a proper floor care regimen of only swiffering and spot cleaning with maybe a monthly cleaning with an approved floor cleaning product.

  • jfcwood

    Even if you use Bona cleaner daily, it should not leave a residue or build up if used properly. Spray some on a glass tabletop, window or mirror and wipe it until it's dry with a paper towel. Do it again and again. Did it leave a residue?

    Are you sure you didn't accidentally get another product and use it, like Bona Polish? How about a wet swiffer? If not, the only thing I can think of is that something else is contaminating your floor and the Bona cleaner is spreading it around. How often do you wash the mop covers? Do you wash them in the washing machine? Do you use any fabric softener? Are you the only one who cleans the floor? I don't know the exact answer to your problem but I'm pretty sure the Bona cleaner isn't the issue.

  • jfcwood

    Sounds like you're doing it right.

    It could be the satin poly. Do you have any area rugs that you don't clean under or areas/rooms that don't get cleaned with the Bona cleaner? If so, how does the sheen there compare with the exposed areas?

  • PRO
    ProSource Memphis

    There have been enough reports of similar issues locally that we have a manufacturer who will now void the warranty if Bona products are used on their floor rather than their own proprietary solution. Of course, that's been the case all along technically, but that was something that they would let slide if it looked like the homeowner tried to do the right thing carewise and the claim didn't involve a film issue.

  • kcarduc

    ProSource Memphis what do you recommend we use then with satin finish poly?

  • Kelly B

    I just commented to another question on this. To summarize, I was able to clean up the hazy mess with ammonia free Windex. I know I can't use that regularly, but it worked for me.

  • Karen Walla

    For the people who say it's not Bona, it is. I've been using Bona for years and the haze appeared a few years ago but I just bought a new bottle and it fixed the problem. However, it just happened to me again and a new bottle has not helped. I will try to ammonia free windex which is basically vinegar and water. Hope this corrects it. I think sometimes you just get a bad batch.

  • Diane S.

    I have been using Bona on my engineered hardwood floors for almost five years. I clean the floors with Bona about every six weeks. I have noticed a haze on the floor lately and removed most of it with the ammonia and water and elbow grease method. I will never use Bona on my wood floors - or any floors- again. The company that sold me my floor recommended Bona. I am going to call them and tell them that it damages the floor.

  • HU-128396743

    I have only used Bona on my floors for 6 years and they were always beautiful. Now all of a sudden they are cloudy about 2 days after being done. I don't understand what's going on.

  • SJ McCarthy

    You have excess product left on the floor. I would have a good look at the bottle you have purchased. If it says "polish" then it is a temporary polish. If it says cleaner, than it is the cleaner. Either way, both can cause a haze after a while. Please tell us which of the two products you have in your home.

  • HU-193995353

    I use Bona Cleaner. The floors do not look clean, are not clean and show every footmark. Please comment.

  • SJ McCarthy

    Please post photos. And more information like colour of the wood, gloss level of the finish, age of the floor, how often you clean, etc.

  • justme4now

    I have never understood the need for cleaning products on wood floors?

    My floors are now over 7 (or 8) years old and I have never used anything except a dust mop or until recently ... my shark duo-clean vac.

    Not a streak or pit anywhere.

    Brazilian Cherry hardwoods by BR-111

  • Janet
    It’s funny to read these upkeep issues and care for hardwood floors. I have heard so many times how disgusting someone thinks carpet is because you can’t keep it clean like hardwoods. But dusting is pretty much like vacuuming. I’m thinking about hardwoods for part of my home, so I’m now seeing all these cleaning concerns.
  • millworkman

    "It’s funny to read these upkeep issues and care for hardwood floors."

    More often than not it is a product of the chosen finish and or people who don't understand what they attempt to put on their floors. There are millions of people with hardwood floors, my parents had site finished oak for 50 years, who never had an issue with basic cleaning and realistically no maintenance other the normal regular cleaning.

  • Janet

    I’ve had hardwood floors myself, as well as other hard surface floors, and they were more work, not less, to keep looking clean. And hard on my feet. But they are beautiful. So I’m trying to decide if I want to live with it in some of my areas again.

  • justme4now

    What is so difficult about keeping wood floors looking clean?

    I am in my late 70's, have solid wood floors throughout the first and second floors and have never put in half the effort that I did when I had carpeting!

    I have never used a single 'cleaning product' on my floors other than a good dust mop or lately my shark vac!

  • Bri Bosh
    If you don’t understand the need for cleaning products on floors you’ve probably never had a toddler or animals...
  • Shauna Carrasco

    Hardwood floors with 4 kids under 8 are hard to maintain. dirty Feet. Spills. And just plain life means daily sweeping and spray mopping and now I’m worried about how to get the floors looking clean again :/

  • SJ McCarthy

    Please note the wording "looking clean". The operative word is "looking". Every floor is just about as "clean" as the other (carpet being the one exclusion to this list - don't get me going!). The 'LOOK' of clean is the "issue" most people have.

    Dark floors look "dusty". Matte floors look "hazy" and "show foot prints or oily paw prints". Shiny floors "show dust". White or almost-white floors look "dirty" or show every speck that hits the floor.

    Please notice the words I've used: look. As in "the appearance of". Cleaning is needed for every floor. The "look" of the floor AFTER it has been cleaned is what is bothersome to people.

    So before you even LOOK at flooring, you will need to LOOK yourself in eye and decide if you are a "shiny-clean" person. If you are someone who borders on OCD. If you are someone who is "picky" or demands "perfection". If you are one of those people I suggest a natural oak or maple in a satin (if you want low gloss) or semi-gloss (if you want shiny) and then invest in a great set of microfibre mops...and some water.

  • nidnay
    I used Bona cleaner ONCE years ago on my hardwoods....never again. It left a terrible dull film all over the floor that was not easy to get off. That cured me of floor cleaning products for good. I now just use a damp mop if they ever seem dirty. Works perfectly and leaves no residue.
  • vansteenhouse

    Same issue with Bona. Refinisher warned me never to use Bona polish. I have used cleaner twice a month and floors are cloudy. I'll try to ammonia in water and see if it helps.

  • stir_fryi SE Mich

    Those who say you don't have to "wash" hardwood obviously don't have hardwood in the kitchen like I do. I have dark, shiny Brazilian cherry that shows not only dust but every drop of water you drip on it. I cook and bake a lot and there is no way a dust mop is going to clean up after me. That said, I use HDX Wood Floor Cleaner from Home Depot and a damp mop - there is never a haze left on the floor. Don't use Bona it is over-hyped.

  • lageorge

    I just spent the last 8 hours removing the filmy buildup that Bona left on my kitchen hardwood floor. I used 1/4 cup white vinegar to 1/2 gallon warm water. Work on a small area at a time and dry with a clean microfiber cloth. I could actually see the residue on my cloth. You will have to change the water frequently and use several cloths. After cleaning the entire floor, it was easy to see the worst areas and I repeated cleaning the entire floor. It looks great now. I will NEVER use Bona again.

  • Richard Faris
    Bona 100% of the time has left a film.

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