Which chair should I buy to replace the floral one?

February 16, 2015
last modified: February 16, 2015

I need a chair for this spot. The floral chair is too small and I tried a wood chair that was also too small. The table can easily move left or right to accommodate any chair width. In a previous discussion, many said they don't like the table and lamp together in this spot, but they're both staying since I like them.

Short and wide (same height as floral chair)
Taller and classic (4" below top of half wall)
Funky fabric chair (wide and 2" taller than floral chair)

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  • Ann

    The first option is the Chloe from Room and Board.

    The second option is the Miles from Crate and Barrel.

    The third option is the Bangala from Anthropologie.

  • Ann

    Sorry the pic of the first one didn't enlarge properly. Let me try another pic here. Fabric would be chosen from one of many choices for this one.

  • PRO
    CWG Kitchens & Baths

    I'd go with #2. The others could be a little wide in that space.

  • Ann

    Thanks CWG. But, want to let you know the table has lots of room to move left or right to accommodate a narrow or wide chair.

  • sondramartina

    Aren't they all too low? But if thats your final three then the first one just because its armless.

    In general something looks off .The lamp looks like someone placed it there just to take a breath and then take it to another room. Sorry.

  • Ann

    Darn, I'm going to have to vote to see vote totals:). I don't have a favorite yet and I wish I didn't have to place a vote in order to see them.

  • indomom

    Every time you look at the vote count just remember to subtract one from the one you voted for :) You know which one I chose!

  • intown123
    I see #2 is leading but that one feels a bit like an extra dining chair to me. One or three (my vote) feel more special.
  • PRO
    LB Interiors

    I like taller and classic.

  • christiania
    Sadly, the lamp doesn't add any pizazz. You need tall & eye-catching there to offset all the linear vibes; so if the lamp stays, you need a tall chair in a bright color.
  • Chris Byrne

    I'm thinking two chairs flanking the table might be better than one, unless you want to re-work the space to convey more of a purpose. Could you make it a mini-library?

  • Margo

    My vote goes to the funky Anthropologie ;)

  • Kendrah

    I also wish I didn't have to vote to see the results because none of these seem to do if for me. Number two seems like a random dining room chair, so I put that in third place. Could you not use the current floral chair and just have it reupholstered in a funky grey and beige fabric that matches the lamp?

  • Ann

    carolbrandywine, I really didn't realize how creaky the floral is until I had it in that spot for several hours. I sat down in it ever so carefully and when I returned it to a bedroom, I thought the poor chair was about to fall apart. I really do think it would need quite a bit of work to make it sturdy and it still would be too small of a scale, but I love that little old chair.

  • feeny

    LOVE the funky fabric chair. Definitely the best, IMO.

  • christiania
    Same ;post already has umpteen comments. This is a clone.
  • PRO
    LB Interiors

    Christiania, this is not a clone... Ann posted this one as a POLL. to help her in her decision of three chairs that she is considering :)

  • Rina

    I think the funky armchair would be very happy living with that lamp, and possibly turn what looks like a lamp/table mismatch into an eclectic bit of eccentricity. (I also love your floral chair, though. So worth fixing if it's wobbly.)

  • intown123
    Yes what rina said. The fabric picks up the lamp and even though I like it, it does seem to feel like the odd man out to some people and coordinating it with the chair will make it feel intentional.
  • Ann

    Thank you! I'm sure appreciating all the votes and yes, I do have a discussion going on this same topic (as LB kindly explained). I think Crate and Barrel will let me "check out" option two (the taller one) to try in the spot for 24 hours, so I'll post pics of that later today. I've called and won't be able to see the funky one in person but I've grown a bit concerned I misjudged with my choice of it as it may be a bit too large in scale - but I'll know more about that point when I see the taller one in the spot later today. Then I can more carefully consider height, width and depth comparisons using the dimensions of each.

  • dbh

    I really like the last one, 'funky fabric' chair, although I don't think any of them go particularly well with the table. The lamp, wall art, and chair choices all seem quite modern to me-- really love all of that. The table (and, yes, I know-- it's a family antique I think you mentioned in the other thread) seems that it doesn't belong. Really like it-- just not sure it belongs there. In fact, I love everything about it except for its legs (which don't seem to fit with the table-- were they original to the table?). That's not your question, though-- so 'funky fabric' chair is my vote. And I can't help but saying it again-- that lamp (which I like) really overpowers that table. In fact, the first time I glanced at it, on the other thread, I thought it was a sewing machine sitting there-- it's that big.

  • Andrea

    I think something taller with no arms. Preferably a mid century modern chair with a fun print. I like the height of #2 but I do feel it is too much like a dining room chair. Definitely a chair with a print. I love Rina's response. The funky fabric, paired with the lamp will give an eclectic vibe, which is my preference =)

  • Gail White

    Both the chair and the table are Victorian like. Get rid of the lamp, which doesn't fit, and go with something that matches the style of the table/chair.

  • studio10001

    Ann, the vote is currently 18/33/46.

  • jasjan

    I think something classic like a black Windsor chair would work well with both your modern vibe and the traditional table. Otherwise, I like choice #3.

  • bichonbabe

    Ethan Allen has Windsor chairs in lots of fun colors. Still think you should try a chair in a desk position at the library table to see how it looks.

  • PRO
    LB Interiors

    Ann, I believe you will get an array of different options with the posted options above. However, it does not inform the voter, your style direction you are leaning toward and your personal desires, including your other finished rooms. Lack of information and a story to go with this, was needed to make a true best fit decision for this space and for you. With this missing information, voting for a chair might not be that helpful. Just saying.

    It is only based on the photo posted. Then personal opinions of what we like best. :)

  • Ann

    I found/bought a chair today that I may use. It wasn't any of these three as I found it at Restoration Hardware. I did see the 2nd one of the poll choices today in person and it wasn't quite as nice as the pics are. In person, the arms look pretty skinny - kind of unusually so. Here is the RH chair I bought today.

  • jasjan

    I really like that. It's traditional due to the leather and nail heads, but the style is more transitional. The scale looks good, too.

  • PRO
    SoCal Contractor

    I would go with the second or third. I like the funky chair, but don't know if it would clash with anything else in the vicinity.

  • PRO
    Tropicality Decor

    I wish there was a 4th option to have a taller chair with funky fabric. That would be my vote since the table is so high. That is a beautiful table and I love the little chair too for another place.

  • Susan Marinucci


    Consider recovering the original chair which works well with the table, in a funky fabric that highlights/accentuates the lamp you love. I have exactly the same table; hard for readers to appreciate it's singular beauty.

  • Linda.Linda2

    From the photo you provided #3 looks very cool! To my eye, it goes well with the modern lamp and artwork.

  • sheryl N

    I voted for #2, however, I kind of like the floral chair, I think you need to put a colorful vase or sculpture on the table, not what's on it currently.

  • PRO
    JCA Design Group

    I love the first chair, but the dimensions may crowd the space a bit. The third chair is great! I like that you chose heights that will still come below the molding on the wall. The pattern in the fabric plays off the wall hanging in the background and the transitional style of the chair definitely compliments the lamp on the console next to it.

  • Ann

    Thanks so much everyone! As it turns out, I didn't choose any of the three. I liked all of them but decided the first would be too short, the second wasn't quite as nice in person and was a little too boring, and I think the scale of the third was slightly big (and I wasn't able to see it in person - internet only). So, after shopping at Restoration Hardware yesterday, I bought this leather chair and we've decided we like it very much. Thanks again for your votes and comments!

  • jasjan

    Excellent choice. It really pulls the entire vignette together.

  • Ann

    Thank you jasjan!

  • PRO
    Creative Home Staging

    I really like the chair you bought better than the 3 options. You could consider getting a table that is more of a transitional piece with straight legs and darker wood. They don't really go together...I think it's because the table is too traditional looking, the lamp is modern with the chair leaning more to the transitional style. So there seems to be a lot of styles going on in that small area.

  • Ann

    Thanks Creative Home. I simply love the new leather chair. The table is there to stay and I've painted some furniture pieces lately, but never that table:)

  • Kendrah

    Glad that you have resolved your dilemma and that your gorgeous table has a new partner.

  • DianeE.

    It is the lamp that is throwing me off. Keep the table and chair # 3.

  • PRO
    Provanti Designs, Inc

    Got to go for he chair with personality and panache - #3!

  • ameliaforte

    needs a higher chair

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