Bad mosaic hex tile install

Darby Hewitt
February 22, 2015
I don't think the crew we hired had installed tile like this before. It's awful. Take a look. We want them to redo it, but we're not sure that they are capable of doing any better the second time. Any suggestions?

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  • adivra

    You don't have a lot of recourse. Sure, you can have them do it again, but is that wise? I'd get someone qualified to redo it and eat the loss as it is a small area. Or, there's small claims for the materials and labor to redo.

  • jhmarie

    I am guessing that the mosaics came on a mesh sheet and the installer turned some of the sheets the wrong direction, messing up the pattern. That is pretty bad - I can't understand how the installer did not notice or know to keep the pattern. They need to redo this.

  • ninigret

    i'm desperately trying to think of a clever solution... like coloring others a contrasting color with a sharpie.. but probably not.

  • groveraxle

    If that is the Merola tile from Home Depot, I installed the exact same tile in my bathroom and, while it's difficult to work with, that floor is totally unacceptable. Were these actual tile installers? They should either redo it properly, or give you a full refund plus the cost to demo it.

  • OldGrayMare
    Yep! no excuse for that....drag 'em back and make them do it right!
  • sandradclark

    No, do not do that. If the installers work for a contractor, call him to come out & look at it. It will not be too hard to fix for a knowledgeable tile installer, however I would not trust the originals to do it any better. This will drive you crazy until it's repaired so get right on it.

  • dclostboy

    Wow...someone actually thought that was acceptable?

  • PRO
    Ellsworth Design Build
    If the tiles are flat and well adhered, the 'wrong' tiles can be individually replaced to correct the pattern. But judging from the fact that they missed the overall pattern, plus the sloppy install around the apron on the tub, my suspicion is that this is just the start of the problems.

    Please tell me they aren't tiling the tub surround too. Have a serious discussion about waterproofing.
  • ninigret

    dclostboy, a friend had black and white checkerboard tile in her kitchen. she added a new area to her kitchen, gave the installer boxes of black and white tile. went to work. came home, the installer had put it in stripes, not checkerboard. even though it was touching where it was checkerboard. there is no rhyme nor reason nor sense in what some people will do.

  • jhmarie

    Yes - I am concerned about whether the shower / tub surround has been correctly installed. There needs to be more waterproofing than just cement board. The one joint I can see isn't taped and there is a pretty big gap between cement board and tub. Maybe that is OK as I am not an expert. You might want to post some pictures of the tub surround and see what the experts say. I see what looks like caulk - not sure if it is but caulk isn't going to hold up long term and usually goes last.

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