Shower drain installed off-center in subfloor - how to fix? Urgent...

February 26, 2015
last modified: February 26, 2015

Well back to the (new & improved?) Gardenweb. I have what I hope is an easy question.

Our curbless shower under construction is planned for a centered trench drain. We got home a week ago, and realized that the plumber piped the drain from the crawlspace, and it isn't centered!

The GC has agreed to fix - but what's required? How can the wood subfloor be made secure, when there's a 2" hole about 3" from where it should be? Or does there need to be subfloor work?

In an interesting twist, the plumbing inspection is scheduled for tomorrow, and the GC says he will have it fixed tomorrow as well.

I'm concerned that he's planning to "fix" it after the inspection. I'm considering staying around, to be sure that this is discussed.

a) Is this an easy thing to fix? Should I be OK with it, and

b) will things blow up if I alert the inspector that things have to be changed, if it hasn't been fixed before he arrives?

On top of things, they seem irritated that we noticed, and didn't send out the plumber all week "just for that".

Thanks in advance. This has become a rocky project, unfortunately, and the "trust thing" is kind of gone...



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