Need help with my living room, dining room, and kitchen facelift!

Theresa Kralik
6 years ago

I will be selling my house in the next 5 years but I want to enjoy my
home until then. I don't want to upgrade too extensively because the
price of the homes in my subdivision won't sustain the cost. I own a California Split featuring an open floor plan including the living room, dining room, and kitchen. I recently repainted all of my walls in the "common areas," that are visible from my front door. I used SW "Sensible Hue," which is grey/blue, in the living room. I used SW "Stone Lion, " taupe/green, everywhere else. It is a fairly subtle color change.
The fireplace surround will be done in Desert Quart Ledgerstone. The oak
kichen cabinets are gel stained walnut and topped with Uba Tuba quart. I
believe I have a good neutral back drop to begin decorating but I don't
know where to start. I have decided to go traditional/cottage. I like
blue and green. I have several paintings in that palate. They will need
re-framed once I get a direction set. I am ready for some white/light
elements. I have access to plenty of furniture and accessories which can
be painted! Anything can go!

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