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March 11, 2011
Is there a standard kitchen counter height?
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  • PRO
    KitchenLab | Rebekah Zaveloff Interiors
    Yes, standard kitchen counters are 36" off the floor, but depending on countertop thickness and standard cabinet heights, this overall height can vary from 35 1/2" to 37"
    Bar height is 39"- 42", as shown on the bar in this picture.
  • PRO
    Smith & Vansant Architects PC
    Rebekah is correct, but if it is custom you can do as you please.
  • PRO
    Kathy Mary Gibson
    How about upper cabinets?
  • PRO
    Smith & Vansant Architects PC
    More often than not the bottom of the upper cabinet is 18" above the countertop. Height depends on ceiling height and your comfort with high access.
  • elodyk
    Be warned, our counters are not a standard height and when we went to purchase a new stove we had big problems.
  • PRO
    Harvest Architecture & Design, LLP
    yes, there is, it's 36" high. Anything other than this is not standard. ADA counter height is 34". Signed an architect.
  • PRO
    Geometrixs Architects & Engineers
    we always have it 2-3 inches less than the end users elbow height.. not all clients are of the same height to have a standard 36" high counter...
  • leviblue12
    Miele says you need a min. counter height of 38 3/4" to install their 6000 series oven and induction cooktop due to a 6" toe needed so the oven door doesn't hit the floor when opened. This seems very high. Any thoughts?
  • joots07

    PO used elbow height on their bar counter. He was tall. As a result, bar stools made people feel like little kids. No one sits there, so we stashed the stools and just use it as a pass through. upcoming remodel says bye-bye to out of standard counter height.

  • PRO
    Vincent Flasch Interior Design Inc.
    It's not a good idea to go outside of the standard counter heights - there are always problems. If I have short or tall client who wants a 'comfort height', we either drop/raise a section or make sure none of the appliances are in the island and do the height adjustment there.
  • Vedrana T

    is the height of kitchen island and kitchen counter the same?

  • PRO
  • Michael Buxbaum

    Related question: I have a new kitchen that is going to be installed. Base cabinets are standard 34.5". I am getting 3 cm granite with a 3 cm laminated edge for a 6 cm look. Questions: 1. how high will my countertop be with this laminated edge? 2. I have an island with one a dishwasher and sink and the free standing range is on the counter by the wall. Should we NOT shime the cabinets by the wall and then install the 1/2" floor tile to help offset the counter height and allow the stove to better fit? 3. And then I assume we must shime the Island base cabinets a 1/2" or the washer will not fit, correct? Desperate for advise as now one seems to have a clear answer on this issue with the thicker counters.

  • mzklever

    @stolenbuick, May I ask if you hired an architect, interior designer, or is this DIY? Questions such as this are my worst fear in our upcoming remodel so I chose to go with an architect.

  • Andrea Bell
    With 34 inches counter height at what height should you purchase barstools?
  • Vladimir Kovalenko

    What is the depth of the counter and worktop on this photo?

  • PRO
    Smith & Vansant Architects PC

    The stone counter is 2'-1" and the wooden counter above is 2'-0" and overhangs the lower stone by one inch.

  • Vladimir Kovalenko

    And what is the depth of worktops on other units (hob and the one to the right)? Is it 2'1" as well?

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