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Fixing Nail Polish Remover Damage on a Solid Walnut Table

8 years ago

I need to fix some damage from nail polish remover on a solid walnut table. I believe the finish is lacquer and there is was no stain used. (

There are two areas/types of damage. One area that appears stripped to the original wood and two spots where it looks like part but not all the finish has been removed. Based on the advice provided in this previous post (, I wanted to try to apply layers of Deft spray lacquer, sanding between coats til the low spot is leveled out.

So, is this a good method for repairing this damage?

How much of the top should I plan to sand beyond the damaged areas?

Since I will be sanding, does it matter if I get satin, gloss or semi-gloss finish in the Deft spray? (I would say the current finish is satin or semi-gloss.)

Any other advice?


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