our old kitchen and new kitchen. I love to decorate

belkis liranzo
March 12, 2015

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  • belkis liranzo

    SandyC. call it whatever you want is a different look which I happen to enjoy. could careless about the different wording. The colors I chose are for my liking not yours, I happen to love them. My house not yours

  • Marilyn Wilkie

    Some of the comments here should not have been made. This homeowner redid her kitchen the way she wanted it and that is wonderful. No need to criticize. She is proud of their efforts, and rightly so. She did not ask for a critique.

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  • gduplessis

    Beautiful job! The colors are warm and inviting. I'll bet you are enjoying it.

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  • belkis liranzo

    Thank you Marilyn Wilkie

  • tooky58

    Very nice! Do you guys do all the work yourselve's?

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  • janellos

    Very nice! Let's talk about your backsplash, please. Do you mind sharing the brand/color? And also, is there something happening beside the microwave just slightly showing at the edge of the picture? I want to see more pics!

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  • arubalime
    I like how you have moved the microwave. Beautiful!
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  • belkis liranzo

    Kitchen Ideas · More Info

    Kitchen Ideas · More Info

    HI janellos, thank you for your kind words. the backsplash I purchased at lowes, I can't remember the brand or color sorry but it is at lowes. on the side of the microwave there was a plain wall, we added stone and it really gives the kitchen an updated look. Im not good at this hopefully I answer your questions

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  • belkis liranzo

    Hi tooky58, thank you. My husband and I tried to do as much as possible for example: we couldn't install the cabinets we hired homedepot that was a nightmare never again. the granite counter was done professionally. The designing of the cabinets I did, the floor we did. The stone wall we did. The backsplash we did. All the colors and designing we did. It wasn't easy, I almost divorce my husband while doing this project. At the end of the day it was all worth it, I now look at my kitchen and house I can't help to think we did all this without a professional designer. I saved a ton of money. Best feeling ever. I love it.

  • crowley48
    I love that stone wall. Bravo!
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  • pam h

    Great job! Bullies and haters are everywhere- even on Houzz.

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  • kellyma13
    Great job! Yes it's dark but if that's what you want then it's perfect, personally I like the dark cabinets, they are dramatic and sophisticated, plus the lighter kitchens are more "southern" to me, a New York kitchen needs dark cabinets with style! You did a great job balancing the dark and light colors with the tile and granite. I'm most in love with the new cabinetry around the fridge, it blends in what is always an awkward depth appliance and it really gives you much more storage. Great job, enjoy cooking in your new beautiful kitchen!!
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  • Vickie A
    I love it. Looks very professional. Also love the darker cabinets. Gives everything a classy look.
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  • elcajonave

    Love it. What tile did you use for the wall - in the photo it looks tan and turquoise. Just what I want!

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  • belkis liranzo

    Hi elcajonave, thank you. I can't remember the name of the tiles or brand but I can tell you I got them at lowes, pretty good for the price :)

  • 1425
    Wow, I Cannot believe why people Cannot just be HAPPY for someone who is so excited about their New space. Who cares if You don't like dark or brown or whatever Someone else's taste is. A true decorator appreciates all styles whether they would put in their house or Not. Grow up people. By the way, your Kitchen is beautiful!
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  • nettiepop
    This is a beautiful transformation! Great job!
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  • mkwilkie

    I love all of the elements that you have chosen here. They all go together beautifully. My husband is very impressed as well. We too work together in our remodeling projects. Not easy on a relationship but, as you say, worth it in the end. I would love to use that stone on our brick fireplace. Kudos!!

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  • islandgirl
    Love the re-model feels so good to personalize your space! Makes it feel more like a home not just a Houzz
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  • 1fitnessnurse
    Love your kitchen! I love the dark cabinets. Good job!!!
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  • PRO
    Drawer Essentials
    Looks great!
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  • isamuel71
    Belkis very nice work. Pay no attention to the harsh comments. Not everyone has to like your color choice. Some people only like white or light kitchens. The fact that you designed it yourself must have saved you a bunch. We also did dark cabinets and got a bunch of people trying to talk us out of it. I am glad we stuck to our choice attached a few pictures.
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  • belkis liranzo

    isamuel71 Your kitchen looks beautiful. I love to see the before and after. Amazing. I realize everyone is different I never did like white or really light colors so as for choosing the colors I did Im very happy with my kitchen colors. I don't take it personal. I had more positive comments than negative. One thing I learned in life is the you will never have everyone liking your choices. Im ok with that. Anyway your kitchen looks amazing :)

  • rachuba

    Why is it so difficult for people to admit something is beautiful and well done, even if not to their taste? Such admission in NO WAY invalidates their tastes, only that they can recognize beauty when they see it. Beautifully done, great choices! Are they choices I would have made? Not the point, it's the choices belkis liranzo and her husband made that counts.

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  • nancy lindsay

    I think you did an absolute wonderful job on your kitchen! I know you will enjoy it for many years to come!

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  • nitrolove81

    Whaat? I love dark color cabinets. Very elegant!!

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  • Betsy Berg
    Much better the other was dated almost a little country! Great job thanks for sharing
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  • PRO
    Bedrock Remodeling & Building Inc
    It looks good
    I would've bring some more colors to it with decorations ;)
  • PRO
    Genest Builders

    the stone countertops pulled this kitchen remodel together.

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  • Mimi Jensen
    Very Beautiful and I love the Deep, Rich color! Gorgeous!!
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  • gen101

    I for one like dark color and your kitchen is very beautiful.

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  • jimthaith

    Its important to renovate the home and to let it happen the best professional renovators we should hire and make our home, kitchen a better place to live.

  • PRO
    Addition Building & Design, Inc.

    Very nice. Way to go.

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  • PRO
    belkis liranzo thanked Fratantoni Interior Designers-Architecture-Remodel
  • wmcline
  • jbtanyderi
    I would carry the backsplash colour (or a slightly lighter version of it) to the upper cabinets. The lowers then read as furniture, and the lighter uppers will improve the visual proportions.
  • PRO
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  • pcssny
    looka wonderful, would have flip the dishwasher and stove. given you more prep space.
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  • vespertyne2

    I love the dark color cabinets with the lighter countertop and floor! It's so much better than all the very bland white and gray I've been seeing lately.

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  • PRO
    Stecki Construction

    I am so excited for you! What an incredible project that you and your husband did! I am sure it is extremely rewarding for you! Your kitchen is absolutely beautiful! Enjoy!

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  • jdcollects

    You should be proud! Looks great

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  • Architectural Notice

    I liked your comment: "I did not spend thousands on paying someone to decorate for me, I figure it out. Good feeling. :)".

    While it's nice to hire a designer (for those who an afford it), it is equally nice to do it yourself and probably brings a greater feeling of accomplishment.

    I think it is a nice update. Dark cabinets are still in style.

  • PRO
  • Joann
    Your new kitchen is beautiful!
  • Pennie Heath


  • desertjen

    What an improvement! Well done!

  • SandyC.
    I don't know how this post was resurrected, but is 14 months old.
  • Chaoqi Zhang
    It looks much nicer for the new one!
    did you change the flooring tile as well?
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  • PRO
  • belkis liranzo

    Yes we did the floor tiles as well. Im still enjoying my kitchen. It is a good feeling knowing I put it together.

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