Opinions on using Rigid Foam on exterior walls & basement floor?

6 years ago

Okay, so I am getting a lot closer to groundbreaking -- Finally. I am down to some nitty gritty decisions in terms of expenditures. The current contestant is rigid foam. Type of foam may be a different topic, but I am currently considering EPS as the #1 choice for economical reasons and XPS as the #2 choice for availability reasons.

Zone 5B, so freezing winters & hot summers. The house is a modest 2500 sq ft including basement and main level. The basement is a walkout with exposed south and east sides. The concrete contractors I have spoken with do not use foam under the basement floor, some are old fashioned and say it is not worth the hassle while others claim it causes more problems than just using a poly barrier. I've read it's advantageous, but maybe not worth the cost and extra labor? Looking around the net brings in different opinions and I'd like to know of anyone who has used it and what they think.

Next decision is if I should use EPS on the basement concrete walls and main story timber walls? It appears to be the best type of insulation and good comments according to GreenBuildingAdvisor. Anyone on here have their opinion to share?


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