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is the contractor creating a waterproof schluter-kerdi shower?

Lisa Jasper
7 years ago

I noticed the contractor used kerdi board (as opposed to kerdi-ditra) on the floor of my shower. That led me to look more closely at the work he has done, and now I have a few questions. hopefully someone can help me quickly because tiling will be starting soon!
1) is is okay to use kerdi board instead of ditra on the floor? My floor tiles are 2" x 2".

2) the kerdi band isn't stuck flat -- the edges in some spots are wavy. How "tidy" does the kerdi band need to be? I circled one area, but there are lots of these edges.

3) there is no membrane of waterproofing on the hardboard across from the "wet wall" after 5 1/2 feet up. is that because water doesn't really hit that area?

thanks in advance :-)
I know so little about this stuff, but when I watch videos (made by schluter-kerdi) everything looks so tidy and perfect - maybe that's not realistic...

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