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Haworthia losing its green and browning, too much or too little water?
4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

Hi all,

Some of my Haworthias are losing their green and showing a more darker brown-ish colouration. I'm wondering if it's because they're getting too much or too little water. I know they change colour when getting too much sun as well, but I doubt that's the case since they'e been staying at my north-west facing window year-round, they get all day bright indirect light with occasional sunset showers. I water them every 7-10 days during their growing season of winter, but now I know they're getting out of their growing season soon so I've changed that to 10-14 days, they're in pretty gritty mix that drains almost instantly from their drainage holes since the pots are so tiny.

The H. transiens had some yellow dried tips since it came but the new growths look fine, but yea recently it's been losing the light green colouration.

Comparison: The main character here is the healthy H. attenuata variegata, but you can see the H. transiens to the right looking much greener late last year.

Another obvious one is the H. tesselata. The brown colours are pretty obvious on this one, even the seedlings.

Comparison to a pic from last year, the leaves also seem to curl up more now, another reason I suspect it's too dry?

The H. retusa is not as obvious but it's also showing a bit of brown on the leaves.

I should also mention that this has been an ongoing process, not just all of a sudden they turned brown, I would say they've been slowly losing their green colour and developing a brown-ish colour over the past half year. Could it also be because I didn't fertilize them during the winter growing season?

Any input would be amazing. Thanks!

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