theft of owner property by subcontractor

6 years ago

I was wondering whether people could give us advice on this issue. We are doing a major remodel. Our general contractor is great, and has been doing a great job. We have a lot of construction material stored in a detached garage. In the same garage we had two road bikes. The garage is secured by a padlock, the number is known to the general contracting team and likely, some of the subcontractors.

About 6 months into the project, the two bikes were stolen. A police report was filed. We cannot prove who stole the bikes, but there was no forced entry, and the only people who knew the lock code was my family and whoever the contractor had on-site. Furthermore, one of the subcontractors has refused to cooperate with the police, and is not giving the names of his crew. Lastly, to further complicate matters, this is my GCs last job, as he is retiring after many many years in the business. I don't think that anyone on his team stole the bikes, but I suspect it was one of his contractors but can't prove it!

We are obviously quite upset about this, and we would like the general contractor to pay for the bikes (~$5000). Do you think this is reasonable? And what other advice do you have for this situation?

Thank you for your thoughts.

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