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Bamboo shades or faux wood/plantation style blinds?

July 8, 2015
last modified: July 8, 2015

Hi there! Moved into our new home three weeks ago, and as such, we are still living with paper blinds. Hung my drapes, which I love, but can't decide whether I should hang the faux wood/plantation style blinds or bamboo shades? I was going to hang blinds until I started researching pictures on Houzz and Pinterest and noticed many of the finer homes had the bamboo shades. Also, if I DO go with the bamboo shade, should I go with a darker color to match my dark wood floors and relatively dark kitchen cabinets and living room built-ins? Oh and the same drapes will be hung in the breakfast area (in the background of the photo) as well. Thanks in advance!

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  • PRO

    It all depends on the function you need. If you want to be able to leave the blinds down and open and close/ control the amount of light entering the room then blinds may be a better option for you. If controlling light isn't an issue for you, and you don't mind opening the entire shade to get more light in the room, then a woven wood roman shade would be beautiful. I think if you go too dark it may leave the room looking too heavy. Somewhere in the middle, with a medium density/partially sheer woven wood, or if going with blinds, a lot of people try to match their trim.

    Jenkins Baer Associates · More Info


    Farmhouse Dining Room · More Info

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  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    I would not hang bamboo blinds or wood shutters in this very elegant space why not duettes from Hunter Douglas IMO bamboo blinds would be too casual and plantastion shutters way too heavy looking.

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  • sunnybelledesigns

    Thank you both so much for your input! My mother agreed that the drapes were more on the elegant side and she felt the bamboo shades would not only make it too casual, but the "busy-ness" may take away from that focal point. I also agree that if I chose the bamboo shades, that I probably shouldn't go too dark. I want to keep an airy feel in there. I definitely want to be able to control the light WITHOUT closing the drapes, because I noticed that when I drew the drapes, I felt like I was in a dungeon! Patricia, I don't even know what duettes are! Do tell! :)

  • sunnybelledesigns

    This is what I mean by "dungeon like"... So I'd like to have something else control the light besides drawing the drapes...

  • PRO
    Jessy Krol Designs LLC

    i think the ivory Natural woven shades from smith and noble would be perfect! the light color makes them airy and more elegant --you can order with backing for more light control

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  • PRO

    Sunnybelle, Duettes are pleated shades made by Hunter Douglas. While many people like them, I find they look like paper shades at 1000x the price! They do have other benefits such as insulation, and if going with blackout they have a tight fit, but unless you go with sheer ones, I am personally not a huge fan of them. Another option with woven woods, is a top-down/bottom up shade which will give you the privacy on bottom, but you can also open them to let light in from the top...you're usually able to go both ways though so don't feel stuck that it will always look like that.

    See below:

    Contemporary Family Room · More Info

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  • sunnybelledesigns

    Oooh, those ivory bamboo shades are beautiful! I don't think I've ever seen those before! That's definitely an option. And Shakuff, thanks for the heads up on the duettes. I do think I've seen those before now that you describe them. I'll have to look into the bottom up shade. That sounds like a great option as well.

  • PRO
    Jessy Krol Designs LLC

    i have done them a lot---i will back at my clients house next Wednesday and i will take a picture for you---i did them with silk drapery panels as well as in her bath...it can help you visualize better...

  • viatorredelamore

    So you know, Duette
    shades do have a lot of woven fabrics, including linen and raw silk looks. The
    top-down/bottom-up options works really well with them too. You can even
    put two different types of fabric on the same headrail.

  • Lauren Kay

    I agree with Emilia Inc. The ivory woven shades are beautiful!

  • senab

    One suggestion, beef up the curtain rod. You have nice heavy silk or taffeta curtains but the window rod can not compete. Some nice cream waterfall valances to hide the expansion of wall between curtains and med/dark wooden blinds. (Although I have been contemplating bamboo shades myself.)

  • kejw

    So what did you decide? Pictures? I am trying to decide between white wood vs. bamboo blinds.

  • pujaverraich

    I suggest bamboo not wood as u already have wooden floor. if you don't want to put drapes then Roman shades would look good. otherwise bamboo with drapes.

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