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Faucet hole size?

6 years ago

My granite is being installed tomorrow. I had purchased one faucet, but I don't love it and have been thinking of returning it. I went to pick up the faucet for the second sink and like it even less. So when the granite guys come, I won't have a faucet.

I googled it, and several sources say that 1 3/8" is the universal standard for the hole. But then every Moen faucet I look at says it's designed for a 1 1/2" hole. But on the generic FAQ page, it says their faucets are designed for the "standard" (but don't say what that is, in their opinion). Delta says their faucets fit 1 3/8" +/- 1/4".

Should I get them to do a 1 1/2" hole, since that fits every Moen faucet that specifies such a thing, and would fit the Delta specs? Are they likely to only have a 1 3/8" saw because that truly is a standard?

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