How to install small glass mosaic tiles around tub surround

6 years ago


I am in the process of installing glass mosaic tiles around the tub. I have put Hydro Ban for waterproofing and also put Laticrete Waterproof fracture proof membrane in the corners, on the screws, and especially around the perimeter of the tub and used 100% silicone where there is a space between the backer board and the tub.

My question is, the backer board ends a little higher than where the lip of the tub is and comes a little ahead of the tub's lip causing a little depression. For installing tiles, do I fill that cavity/depression with more caulk or modified thin set (that ends approx 1/8 inch above the tub's surface) so that I can install the small vertical glass tiles.

I am attaching pics hopefully its clear to see the gap. The tiles are the kind that are on a mesh back, I plan to put them vertically.

Thanks for all the help!

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