Unique Home Upgrades that Serve a Purpose

Joshua Pierce
5 years ago

Upgrading your home is not a cheap project, so it can be difficult to determine which projects are worthwhile. Your first goal should be to increase the value of your home with specific upgrades, and there are several simple and affordable upgrades that can help you accomplish this goal. But your upgrades should also serve a purpose rather than just look cool. Here are some ways to help you decide if certain upgrades are worth the time and money or not.

Increase convenience

When choosing which upgrades to bring to your home, ask yourself if those upgrades make your life easier one way or another. Start in the rooms you spend most of your time like the kitchen or living room. Do you do a lot of dishes and frequently replace dishwashers? Consider installing two dishwashers to help them last longer. Other convenient upgrades could include installing Dutch half doors in your young children’s rooms so you can keep an eye on them without them escaping. You might also find it more convenient to install outlets in your bathroom drawers so you do not have to leave a mess all over the counter.

Hide eye sores

Another reason to upgrade would be to hide obnoxious eye sores. Outlets are not only ugly, but they pose as a danger to children, so consider covering the outlets that are easy to reach like the ones on kitchen islands where kids sit with fake drawers. Instead of fake drawers in your kitchen, make them functional by installing a removable dowel for paper towels. Be creative when hiding eye sores such as adding a half table over a toilet paper holder to serve as a magazine and décor table.

Create space

A major reason to upgrade is to create more space in your home. Kitchens tend to be the first place to collect clutter, and pantries can become full and disheveled. Buzzfeed suggests creating more space in your pantry by installing in­counter storage for fruit, bread and vegetables, and ultimately open up shelf and counter space. If you have a small laundry room, save space by installing drying racks that can be folded up into the wall or cabinets when they are not being used. You might even consider installing recessed outlets so your furniture can sit against the wall while electronics are plugged in.

Promote organization

Upgrades should help you keep your home organized. Purchase organization tools such as baskets, bins and drawer organizers, but also consider making upgrades such as slid out drawers and cabinets to help keep kitchen and bathroom items organized ad easy to access. Add unique features to your home such as side out bars or folding doors that hide appliances and keep your home looking clean. The more organized your home is, the more upgraded it will feel. Interior decorating and remodeling news brought to you by


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