Have Blogs led to a Home Decor/ Furniture Stores Stalemate?

5 years ago
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making it harder/ longer for stores to transition into cohesive new seasonal looks & offerings? Is this why it has seemingly been longer and harder for stores to 'Indoctrinate' a new look/ style direction?

Do you think that the lack of design direction, ideas & disjointed looks is a result of all of the blogs that people follow? I mean the ones who feature their own homes and stuff, not the ones who follow and report on a wide variety of decor related topics, designers and homes.

The vast majority of those 'individual' decorating blogs all have some version of the neutral grey look or white look but w/ some variation, thereby 'halting' the decorating/ decor industry market who is now trying desperately to move to something else to get people to buy?

Did that verbal vomit even make sense?

I mean think about it:

When I worked in the retail home decor industry (Oh how I miss it!!!) we had new collections and style directions that came out every Spring & Fall. And it was always something that we would anxiously await for. And it was always something DIFFERENT from the previous season. "What direction are we going in? What are we going to offer customer's? What's next?!" Our core furniture would remain the same w/ the some new introductions but it was an ever revolving seasonal door of 'grab & go' accessories and textiles.

And customer's couldn't wait to see 'What's coming up?'

But that was all well before the inundation of bloggists showing the transformations of their own homes and personal style (which I am by far not against BTW!!!!) but many are the same style. And a lot of people like it.

Granted, I've found my style and my shopping in stores is far less now (hardly ever) and yes my style is that sort of rustic, neutral & white mixed w/ fancy chandies, white sofa's and leather chairs but that is my evolved style. I buy now to primarily add/ round out what I already have. And it's usually small ticket items for the most part. Rarely anything over $25 (Ok, ok, truth be told rarely over $9.99 because I'm buying a candle) & a big purchase is rarely over $100 and that's only because I've finally been adding rugs.

A few yrs ago somebody commented on GW that my home looked too much like a PB catalog which made me chuckle because the only thing I own from PB are pillow covers because they were the only washable one's that I could find yrs ago & we have kids & pets. Much of my accessorizing stuff & furniture I've toted w/ me for 20+ yrs from house to house and just waited for the right 'decorating' spot to present itself for my goods. PB jumped on my trend that I didn't realize I'd been honing in on. lol!

What do you think? Have those single focused blogs changed the landscape of Home Decor/ Retail stores marketing offerings? Is that why stores have been seemingly disjointed and less cohesive in their seasonal style offerings?

How do you think stores like Home Goods, TJ Maxx & Marshall's have played into it? After all - they are not 'dictating' a look and offer such a wide variety.

Did I make any sense?

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