I feel like I can't breath, and always need to yawn.

Suzanne Findley
August 4, 2015

Lately, I have been feeling like I can't catch my breath even when I'm just sitting. It feels as if I need to yawn, start to, but don't get a complete yawn to satisfy me. I can't explain it any better then that, but it's miserable and i just feel like I can't breath. I have the tightness in my chest too. I'm about to turn 50, and have low blood pressure, and low cholesterol. Any ideas?

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  • sushipup1

    I have the same. Try a decongestant. I use Aller-something or other from Costco.

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  • angelazuill

    I have to disagree. I feel like a complaint of shortness of breath definitely deserves a visit to your health care provider and probably warrants a chest X-ray be done, at minimum. Particularly when accompanied by chest tightness. I guess 15 years as a nurse definitely gives you the better-safe-than-sorry attitude.

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  • sushipup1

    You are absolutely correct. After assorted tests, it was determined that my condition (exactly as described) was caused by post-nasal drip and allergies. Since it is so intermittent, the occasional allerclear/Claritin helps.

    (PS, maybe decongestant is not correct, but allergy pill is what I meant.)

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  • ianna

    you need to see a doctor asap. If you have heart problems - that needs to be determined now. I recall my father being winded constantly. He was diagnosed with atrial fibrilation. he too had low blood pressure.

  • Cookie8

    I have the same thing and have had it for 12 years now. It was first diagnosed as costochondritis. I have a lot of food sensitivities and find it gets set off within 1/2 hour of eating. I haven't fully figured out which foods cause it yet, but it is always 1/2 hour after eating. In fact, I am experiencing it right now. I have arthritis and inflammatory conditions and had an EKG when it first started and my heart seems fine. It wouldn't hurt to look into it just to be sure though. I find it helps to hold my breath for a second and push my chest out to stretch the ribs out - this usually helps, at least, get a full yawn out.

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