Seller Refuse to Provide Keys to My Home

6 years ago


We closed escrow 3 days ago and initially the seller promised to move out 3 days ago since they need the money they earned from this sale to pay for their movers. The agreement requires them to move out by day of close of escrow. However, after not answering any phones calls, they finally answered yesterday that they need today to finish the move. We had to get the handyman in by today to make it for our move so we asked for the keys atleast so we can start while they finish. However, they did not pick up their calls. We went to the home wait for them there to ask for the keys, but no arrived. So we told their agent, who is also hard to get a hold of that we will need to break in tomorrow to begin our renovation for OUR home if they don't give us the keys by tonight. We went by and still no one is there to give us the keys. Their agent no longer picks up the phone either. We saw the backyard from the side and NONE of their things are cleaned up. Will we get in trouble for breaking in to our OWN home with a locksmith? What is the best procedure for this. Now we don't know when we can get into our home and even if we break in, we have to pay for cleaning up this hoarder's mess!

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