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HVAC dispute in high rise building

August 13, 2015

We live in a high rise building, 30+ floors.

Our building has
been going through major project as far as our heating and cooling
systems go, requiring replacing boilers, changing the dielectric unions, and
repairing the fan coils. Every unit in the building was required to
have its Fan Coil Units examined and fixed if necessary.
After this project, which lasted many months, we finally have our cooling systems back on again.

units in the building have complained of condensate dripping in through
their vents, and there was also a major flooding in our garage where
many of the risers come together, right after the a/c was turned back

A neighbor living in the same tier as I,
TWO floors below, complained of leakage from her ceiling right above
the A/C unit. They examined the unit between us and found no leakage.
There appears to be no leakage in our unit either, however, the building
janitor who inspected our A/C unit (while no one was home) claims the
leakage originated in our unit due to extremely dirty filters. Now our
filters are replaced regularly and are not as he said, "extremely dirty"
this fact being confirmed by the building engineer who inspected it in
the morning and said they looked fine.

The leakage problem in the unit below was apparently resolved by the night janitor, by
pouring a glass of water into our condensate drain pipe. Now while I do
change my filters very regularly, I didn't even know I was supposed to
be cleaning this condensate drain pipe. Since I wasn't at home, I am not aware of how dirty it was. All I know is that it was fixed by "pouring one glass of water"

My question is, is it
possible for the leak in my neighbor, two floors down, to be because of a
blocked condensate drain pipe in my house, (and my house alone) with no leakage in my unit
or the unit below? The leakage was apparently remedied by merely
pouring one glass of water down the condensate pipe. Can a problem that bad have been fixed by just one glass of water?

The unit
owner two floors down expects me to pay for damages to her unit, and I
would be happy to do so, if indeed it is my fault. I have homeowners insurance.

The unit owner also said that she didn't think the damages were
enough to meet her deductible if she filed for insurance, so if we could just settle it by
giving her some cash for the damages.
Could anyone explain to me how this is possible? Given all that has been happening in the building, is it really possible to pin the leak in her house solely on me? Shouldn't they check the floors above too?

I'd really appreciate some insight/advice

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  • PRO
    Cancork Floor Inc.

    This is a legal dilemma that requires the expertise of a multi-unit HVAC specialist. Is it possible? Yes...the laws of statistics tell us everything is "possible". The question should be, "Is it probable?". Detailed analysis of similar problems over many years and with many different types of HVAC systems will tell us if it is "probable". Chat up a few HVAC specialists and a lawyer...a lawyer who deals exclusively with construction and condo laws. I think you are being "had".

    Anisha thanked Cancork Floor Inc.

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