Need help deciding what is needed in a greenhouse we just built

5 years ago

So my family just built this great greenhouse and it is a 10 x 12, plastic windowed greenhouse, with pretty sturdy structural support. By harbour freight as well.

But now what else do we need? We live in Northern California, north of Sacramento. If you need climate conditions we have an average high year round range (Jan-Dec) of about 53 - 92 degrees, but sometimes average lows that range from 38-58. With year round sunshine ranging from 48 % to 98% sunshine. If you want more accurate info check this link. Scroll down to the climate header and look at it.

Anyway It doesn't get that cold but it gets hot. So would we need a heater or an A/C? We have 4 window vents on the ceiling which can open and close manually. Would we need a fan that takes air from the outside and keeps the whole greenhouse non stuffy? We have a solar panel here is a link that tells more about it. We don't have a battery or inverter for it as well and it only outputs 45w. But yea that is about it. Any reccomendations at all? I am willing to listen to what you guys did for you greenhouse.

We also get 60-70mph gusts sometimes.

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