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Paying for Factory-Painted steel front door VS paint it myself?

August 31, 2015

We need to replace both our front & side doors. My house is fieldstone and the doors will need to be some color (grayish beige I think). I got a quote and they charge almost $300 per side for factory-applied paint - the doors come plain white otherwise.

This seems ridiculous to me and I *think* I should just paint them myself but obviously don't want to ruin new doors and have it look home-made.

Have you painted a new steel door & what was the outcome?

Comments (5)

  • lazy_gardens

    The kind of paint you can apply as a homeowner is less durable than the factory finish ... they have spray booths, UV curing and all kinds of $$$$ toys.

  • geoffrey_b

    Since your doors are going to be replaced, it's perfect time to experiment!

    Use an exterior acrylic semigloss and a sponge roller / brush. See how your paint job looks on the old door.

  • w0lley32

    Have you tried a place that paints fridges and household appliances using an electrostatic process? When I bought my house it had a brand new front door but I hated the colour. I had it repainted by one such company, and it still looks as nice and smooth as it did 12 years ago. I think I paid around $250 for the process.

  • femc

    Thing is, every blog post I've seen where the door ends up looking great the doors are wood. The doors I need to replace are also wood and I would just paint them myself if I planned on keeping them but they're no longer energy efficient and I'm in Canada.

    It just seems silly to charge $300 extra for one-sided color. Plus I know I'll end-up painting the thing on the interior - or shelling more $$$$

  • neonweb US 5b

    If I would compare the factory applied paint on my fiberglass door to the steel and wood doors that I painted myself I would point out how flat and smooth the factory paint is. The steel door has the orange peel texture of the roller, and the wood door has brush strokes. the smooth finish is much easier to clean dirty finger prints off of.

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