Wondering what to do after removing semi-inground pool.

Allan Glasier
September 17, 2015

My wife and I are looking at getting a house that has a fairly large deck in the backyard with a semi-inground pool. If we were to get this house we would like to remove the pool but do something with the deck as it is really nice. Now I'm not sure of the dimensions of the hole the pool would leave behind but have attached a few pictures of the yard.

I'm curious as to what ideas people here would have for what to do with the hole left from the pool. Should I fill it in or should I use it to create something new?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you :)

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  • ritting28
    If you have young children, fill it in and put in play equipment or grass. If not, the maybe a patio and fire pit.
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  • ninigret

    you will need to do a fair amount of deck re-working if you dont want to just put a rail around the circular part. i'd advise getting rid of one side of the pyramid steps shown in photo 1, they make for very little useful space for tables, whatever.

    think a good think; consider it might be cost effective to get rid of the whole structure in order to get what you really want. to spend time and money on un-pooling the deck without a useful deck leftover isnt effiecient.

    map out the sonotubes and substructure, reusing those would be good.

    looking more at the 3rd picture, un-building the raised part that is above your door level might be the best option.

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  • bossyvossy

    I see that part of the deck borders the pool. If you remove pool then deck will have a circular side and it may look like something is missing. Perhaps you can fill most of hole but leave enough space to make a small pond. Not a big fan of ponds b/c lots of work maintaining but it would like nice in that spot. Otherwise fill in first and replace circular cut deck boards with straight ones

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  • TheAnswerIs42

    Personally, I'd put a trampoline flush with the ground. Then kids can't fall off and it's super fun. :)

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  • PRO

    Don't make any quick decisions. Everything changes after you live in a home for awhile. Maybe the pool will end up being something you decide to keep.

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  • TheAnswerIs42

    You could also create a cool sunken pit for seating?

    Los Gatos - Afrormosia · More Info

    Sunken Connections · More Info

    Modern Patio · More Info

    I do agree with BeverlyFLADeziner. You may want to wait until you move in and walk around in the space. I just bought my first house and I've amended a lot of my plans now that I've lived in the space.

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  • Allan Glasier

    Thank you all! All good ideas, it would be some time before I worked on anything if this is the place we get so you 2 a right and I may grow to like it. If not removing the raised area and reusing the wood for something else would be a good idea. A sunken pit for seating could be pretty cool I really like those pictures.

    A ground level trampoline would actually be pretty awesome as well lol but no kids as of yet.

    Thanks again everyone I'm surprised of the amount of response I received already, I can see this site being amazing for when we do get a place and start to remodel.

  • jck910

    Trampolines are extremely dangerous and not recommended

  • marilynellis
    I also think you should live with the pool through next summer and then decide if you want to remove it. If you do, why not just extend the deck to that space?

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