Cove Dishwashers

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

SubZero/Wolf is hoping for a 2017 release of their new dishwasher line. Rather than putting it under their SubZero or Wolf brands they are going to create a new brand for it, Cove. This was supposed to happen years ago but they put it on hold due to the recession. At a $2000 starting price point it would only really be competing with the top of the line Bosch and Miele units. I assume they are going to continue to sell Asko dishwashers as well, to satisfy the need for less expensive models. Rumor has it they will be taking some concepts from both Bosch and Asko. I assume this will be a European style unit (hidden element, removable filter).

Hopefully this goes better for them than Viking, Dacor, and Thermador. All 3 of those companies tried and none succeeded at building their own dishwashers.

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