Leaky toilet and a rinky-dink shower drain...

5 years ago

Hi all! My husband and I continue to try to get our foreclosed house as livable as possible (for those who haven't read my posts, we're building but have to live in the foreclosed house on the lot in the meantime and yesterday my dad was helping with the bathroom situation. Last time we tried to flush the toilet after fixing pipes in the basement, it leaked under the toilet and onto the bathroom floor (don't worry, we tested it with water ha). So, we got a new toilet, and everything went smoothly with placing it on the wax ring. We gave it a try and no water leaked. The flushing wasn't as strong as it could be, but it went down and the tank refilled and shut off. My dad went downstairs to make sure it wasn't leaking underneath, and when we flushed again, he said it was leaking in the basement near the bathroom floor above. Any ideas? We set the toilet/wax ring as centered as possible, made sure to apply lots of pressure to set it, and got rid of the leaking problem in the bathroom. My dad isn't sure what to do other than rip the toilet back out and try a thicker wax ring, but honestly I don't know if that would do anything.

Second issue: we have a super shoddy shower drain--the previous owners just stuck a 2" pipe into the 1.5" sewer pipe with no connection haha yes, it's just stuck up in there and it leaks around it. Genius. Easy peasy right? We can just get a reducer. Wrong. It's literally 2" pipe, not standard 2" pipe which is 2 3/8" pipe, so our trip to Lowe's was unsuccessful. Anyone have any bright ideas of how to get these two pipes together properly with non-standard sizes? We'd love to avoid replacing the drain and piping but that's the best idea we have so far...

Thank you in advance for your feedback!

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