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Would appreciate any seeds or tubers for my small pond.

October 25, 2015

I'm a new "water gardener" and have a backyard pond my boyfriend and I installed this year. We have a few plants around the pond, and would like to add some aquatic plants as well. We have a small preformed pond and waterfall spilling into it. It houses 3 goldfish and an algae eater! We have been to every nursery and big box store for miles and can't seem to find any lily pads or aquatic plants for sale. We've been during the spring, summer and fall months and have only came across fake decor and overpriced tubers! Willing to trade plant cuttings of margarita sweet potato vine or Setcreasea pallida 'Purple Heart' plant for any aquatic versions that can grow in zone 9.

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  • andrew

    Have you tried your local craigslist?

  • nonoyabusiness

    This past summer I got a white hardy waterlily at Home Depot at the end of July for $2.50. The other colors were all dead but this one still had hope. The package said just put it in water so I did and it started growing right away but then I took apart the package because it seemed to slow down. It was getting strangled by all this plastic netting and stuff. I repotted it correctly and it really took off but it was so late in the season by then I did not get blooms. The man at a water garden place said to cut off the foliage and sink it in the deepest place in the pond so ai did and am waiting for spring to see if it survived the winter. Pond is 116 gal., small, and the deepest part is just shy of 3' deep. Bottom feed everywhere for affordable stuff. I am in z6, NYS. If you can find a water garden place you can usually get water Lettuce and Water Hyacinth for not too much. Here, 3 plants for $15. They spread rapidly and the hyacinth blooms. You can keep them alive through winter under very close fluorescent lights in those black plastic things that you mix concrete in that cost about $5 in Home Depot.

  • tccmills

    I have rush, mini cattails, hardy water lily, and lotus that will be ready for me to divide this spring. Trade?

  • nonoyabusiness

    I do not have aquatic plants to trade but maybe there is something terrestrial I could interest you in....zone 6 NYS plus houseplants...

  • tccmills

    That sounds great, I love all plants!

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