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Should I buy a house which has severe leakage? Can it be fixed easily

Atya Aziz
7 years ago
I am in dilemma whether I should go forward with the offer on the house built 1989. When we were doing house inspection, we found kitchen ceiling leaking. Master bathroom is above kitchen.

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  • Diane Land
    7 years ago

    Guess it depends on the situation. If it is a leaking pipe from the upstairs bathroom it is fixable. You may need to rip out some ceiling and drywall. If the leak has been there for some time , you may also be dealing with mold. I'd have a plumber walk through if you can get in the house again.

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  • hatetoshop
    7 years ago

    I would not buy a house that already comes with problems, but I'm not keen on renovations. If the potential cost of repairs is reflected in your offer, then it might be worth it.

  • smit2380
    7 years ago

    It is impossible for us to tell if it is easily fixable. It may even be hard for an inspector or plumber to tell if it is easily fixable without beginning to tear apart ceiling, etc. We bought a similar age home that had a leak in the kitchen from a bathroom above. The leak was caused by a defective shower pan. Ultimately, we ended up having to rip out most of the bath and replacing it. If the price of the house is low enough that you do not mind adding on a master bath renovation (and you do not mind the stress of a renovation), then maybe move forward. If this is not the case, I would not buy it.

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  • stlouisgaltoo
    7 years ago
    No.....make them repair it.