Mesh and resin underneath quartzite: how to seal?

4 years ago

We've ordered Calacatta Gold quartzite countertops (fingers crossed for a pre-Thanksgiving installation!), and I was told by our fabricator that the resin and mesh underneath the slabs won't be removed:

I've read that, while a very hard stone, CG (and its vein-cut Macaubus counterpart) is also very porous -- proper/adequate sealing is key.

While many have not had issues with their CG/M, I was very concerned about the sealing issues after having read heidia's 2014 post about her darkened edges.

And the same topic has surfaced on the Stone Fabricators Alliance forum (photos of similarly darkened edges).

So, is it reasonable for me to request that the back resin-and-mesh be removed (how far in?) so the counter edges and a margin of the underside be sealed? Or is it actually better to have the resin/mesh removed and NOT apply sealer underneath so the stone can breathe (i.e., allow any moisture that may get trapped space to evaporate?).

Sealers: anyone care to weigh in? GW pro Stoneshine recommended Stonetech's Bulletproof because it repels both oil and water. I've seen GranQuartz mentioned a lot. (I checked with my fabricator, and he's not sure what his crew uses.)


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