Roofing leaks?

Justin Eady
November 16, 2015

Hi, I just did an inspection of my attic because we seem to have a leaks. I found a few spots where the water was dripping in but what surprised me is a lot the nails had water drops on them.

I have read a lot of people say this is caused by condensation, but the attic appears to be well vented. I live in Vancouver BC and it rains a lot here. The temperature in the attic is well below the rest of the house (I'd say 8 to 10C). I could see my breath. The temp outside right now is about 5C. It didn't seem to be condensation.

The roof was installed in 2006 and we had leaks by 2010. They have continued to occur each rainy season.

My though is improper roof installation and not condensation for nails. Just wanted some other opinions?


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