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November 29, 2015
This was a review that I wrote 4 years ago and I wanted to share it with you and also to report on my fridge after all this time is the garage.
When I first heard that Liquid Stainless Steel paint was developed to change the color of appliances, stoves and refrigerators from any color to Stainless Steel, I was very skeptical. I did not believe that any paint could create such a drastic change and do it well. I was curious, though, and thought it would be great idea to try it out on the white, ugly fridge sitting in my garage.
I watched the video to see how it was done and how much work was involved. It seemed easy and simple to do so I ordered the kit. Whilst waiting for the paint to arrive, I casually mentioned the plan to my family; they thought I had lost my mind. If you could see my kitchen cabinets, you would understand why! Every cabinet was painted in a different color. (I could not settle on one color. It has become a joke even amongst our friends). I was very excited and could not wait for my kit to arrive.
Stainless Steel Refrigerator Kit
When my kit arrived, included were 1) Written instructions, 2) a CD, 3) a paint tray, 4) all the tools that were needed to complete the project; 5) the Basecoat and 6) the Top coat. I looked through the written information and watched the CD over & over again. (You can also do this on tables & kitchen cabinets!)
I first tested if my fridge was metal — if it was not, I would have to prime it but luckily I did not have to do that. I also followed their instructions for cleaning the fridge. Although the paper said I did not have to take the food out, the fridge in the CD looked empty and so I did not unplug it. I also decided that since this is my extra fridge in the garage, I would paint it with the doors closed and I would not do the inside of the doors or the seals. (I may try to paint the seal part later just to see how well it adheres.) I also removed the white freezer door handle to paint black.
After stirring the paint well for a while, I was ready to go. As the paint has metal in it, there is a strong smell. This needs to be done in a well-aired area. I rolled the paint using the tools they provided in the kit. I removed the Maytag sign and painted the freezer door and then the sides and top of the fridge.
I did a second coat an hour later.. By the time I did the third coat it looked good. I felt it was still little streaky so I did a fourth coat and repeated the entire process for the main door. I then decided to stop for the day. I was happy with the changes I was seeing.
The next day I ran into the garage and my fridge looked GREAT and SPECTACULAR, just like stainless steel. I was ecstatic! I put the clear coat on the areas that I had painted. I wanted the satin look so I only painted one coat of clear. I had sprayed the door handle black & I attached it to the fridge the next day. My family was so impressed.
For even more fun, I decided to decorate the freezer door. I used a stencil from Victoria Larsen and mixed a bead gel with silver quartz beads from Wonderfaux Studios in Texas. The gel helps suspend the beads nicely and although opaque when wet, it dries clear. I attached the stencil with low tack tape and began to apply the gel and bead mixture. Once the gel became dry and clear, I applied clear Swarovski crystals and butterfly beads to the design.
I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who has a good fridge but wants to change the color. I was really nervous after the first coat and I do think at least 4 coats of paint are needed. It does have a strong scent so keep the windows opened. I would note that you do need to have an empty fridge and freezer. The only potential problem I felt that needed to be addressed was that the tool with the foam was beginning to come apart when I put on the clear. I would like to see this foam tool a little bit sturdier or maybe have two of them in the kit. All in all, I really enjoyed myself and even my family was happy with the way it looked! This fridge could now move to any living room, it looked like a piece of furniture.
4 years later and my fridge looks as good as it did 4 years!!

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