Trapezoid window coverings-want the view, but not glaring sun!

5 years ago

These are my front living room windows in a somewhat rustic contemporary home in Colorado. I enjoy an open view to outside but the windows face west & the sun needs to be blocked for summer afternoons when it shines directly in our eyes. I do not like cellular shades much and solar shades really aren't enough for direct sun when facing the window. Dilemmas are that these are new vinyl windows with only an inch or less of wood frame for mounting inside the frames- so probably outside mounting for any kind of shade or blind. We used to have inside mount 1 inch wood blinds which I liked- but cannot be remounted with the vinyl windows. I would like to avoid motorized shades. I used to have long strings on upper blinds to operate them. The upper windows are separate-meaning that there is a board between them, but mounting could only be on the front of that board. The bottom windows are one unit where the vertical post is vinyl. I don't really want a bulky "stack" blocking the window view when the shades/blinds are up- including the upper trapezoid windows. Any ideas on what could work for window coverings? and include how you think the mounting could work for "outside mounting" unless you have something that could mount in an inch or less inside the frame. We will do the same type of covering in our dining room window which is same as the bottom window here.

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