10X12 HFGH Build, Zone 6, Mid Ohio Valley

Randy Montgomery
4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

Just built a harbor freight greenhouse. I thought I would slap it up in a day with a hand here and there from my wife, not so. Not even close really. The instructions say you need two assistants and that is good advice. So far I haven't had any problems with the HFGH like others mentioned in this forum. I had all of my parts and extra, everything lined up if I kept it level and square, it seems very solid and durable, and my base is just buried in soil and I can't imagine it blowing away, windows and doors even work.

The key to success turned out to be following the instructions meticulously, having help if you want to finish in a reasonable amount of time(took me 4 days), heavy use of a level and square at every phase of construction, adding some screws, caulking, etc to strengthen the greenhouse and hold the panels in place.

This forum contains a lot of detailed discussions and advice about this exact greenhouse so I will just skip right to just showing off my pics :-) There are two links below, both with a lot of pics and some commentary.

My SOD Farm Facebook My Houzz Greenhouse Project

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  • Randy Montgomery
    4 years ago

    Just an update after some nasty wind, ice and snow. With my only mods being a few well placed screws to secure the panels, three max per panel, the greenhouse came out unscathed except one panel blew out - the one I neglected to screw. Plus my base is not anchored or even really properly backfilled yet. We had 50 mph wind gust, snow,ice, and temps in the teens. Just saying, don't let the extreme mods some people find necessary scare you away from this greenhouse. I'm doing fine so far with nothing but a few self tapping screws and a not so tight base. I still plan to caulk just because, but it is pretty tight now and holding the heat in as well as can be expected.

  • grow_your_heirlooms
    4 years ago

    Good to know it's working good for you. I bought my HFGH in 2006. A few wind storms forced me to reinforce the heck out of it. Even now, I still have problems with some of the panels. I even did a few Youtube videos on the upgrades. So far, it has held up. My biggest challenges now are that the panels are starting to break down because of UV. I am now thinking my best option would have been to build a solid stick built with glass. I have just put way too much work into it than it's worth. But for the money, it is a great starter GH. Tom

  • Randy Montgomery
    4 years ago

    I agree, great starter GH. Later on I would like to upgrade. I do think from reading this and other forums that the HFGH quality isn't consistent from box to box or year to year. Some go up so easy and strong, some not at all. The costs of modern day outsourcing to the cheapest, not best, suppliers. All in all we get what we pay for and this greenhouse will do for now.

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