Help me turn a Formal living room into an elegant, comfy lounge

6 years ago
I'm making over my living room and want to go with a seating arrangement with 4 comfy chairs around a round coffee table or ottoman. This will be my Mom cave where I can enjoy my morning coffee, read on my iPad, and enjoy a glass of wine with neighbors or a quiet chat with my hubby.

The room is 11' 4" X 14' 10" wide. There are 2 window walls, 1 solid wall and it is open to the foyer.. You can see some BEFORE photos in my post. The room has been painted a medium gray and we installed hardwood floors to match the foyer. Then I stopped and became paralyzed trying to figure our layout and furniture choices.

And now my questions and cry for help....

-I'm terrified of making a mistake with scale in this room. I want the chairs to be large enough to be comfy so you can curl up in them but not so big that it feels off. How do you determine what size chairs and ottoman/table to go with? I've tried drawing a floor plan and it looks good on paper but I've made that mistake before and it was a costly one. Any guidelines I can follow? Is it s room large enough for this seating arrangement?

-I wish I had a fireplace in the room as a focal point, but I don't . :-( Any other ideas for creating a focal point?

The only other piece of furniture that will go in the room is a vintage black and gold curio cabinet which will go on the solid wall (it's too wide for the window walls). I'll post a photo soon. , I'd also like a Daybed or upholstered bench/backless sofa to kickback and relax. Not sure if this creates too much furniture planning no is not my strength. And I'm sure a little bar cart will find its way into the room.

Your expertise and ideas are appreciated!

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