Exposing 22" trusses

January 15, 2016
We are getting ready to add skylights to our dining room. We have low ceilings (about 7.5') and would like to add more light to the space and make the ceilings feel higher. Our house is pre-fab/modular with 22" trusses that are about 15' long on either side (15' over the kitchen which you can't see in these photos and 15' over the dining room). We are only exposing the ceiling over the dining room. Unfortunately, we can't remove any trusses or restructure the roof with out any major structural work (i.e. $30k+) so instead of creating a shed roof or vaulting the ceilings, we have decided to add skylights and expose the trusses to give the feeling that the ceiling is higher.

My question/concern is whether the 22" exposed trusses across the entire ceiling are going to make the room look too busy. We are adding 3 skylights and the thought was to expose the entire ceiling over the dining room and add 3 spaced out skylights (52"x20"). Any thoughts/suggestions/feedback is greatly appreciated.

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  • Angela M

    Thank you so much for sharing! It really does look nice. I have the same worry that our exposed trusses will make the room look too busy, and was having trouble finding something online that looked like what we will be going for. Thanks for putting it out there!

  • msmliss

    I LOVE it! Great idea you had! Those levels sure look more like a custom home than a modular! And I LOVE the wood plank ceilings on the lower levels! Thanks for sharing the "afters"...Enjoy your space!

  • mulder2001


  • Mrs. S

    My goodness. I surely did not expect to see that fantastic result. Wow! That is an impressive improvement!!

  • Kate

    Wow, that looks great!

  • bbmason

    Hi Angela, we are really happy with the end results! Attached are photos. It has completely changed the space for the better, and I’m really happy we did it. Happy to answer any questions you have about the process. Good luck!

  • Angela M

    Bbmason, I'm curious how your project went. We have basically the same situation in our home and are thinking of the same solution (skylights with exposed trusses). Would you be willing to share your end results?

  • bbmason
    Thanks Apple Pie. Here are the rafters. They are spaced 24" apart and are Howe Trusses.
  • apple_pie_order

    Try contacting the company that built the modules your house is made from. They should be able to tell you how many trusses there are, and perhaps even send you photos of the typical truss construction over the dining area. Alternatively, you can go up and take a look in the attic yourself. That should tell you how busy-looking it would be if the ceiling is removed. If there's any sort of home warranty still attached to the modular house, check with the manufacturer about voiding it if you make significant alterations.

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