FAQ -- Aisle Widths/Walkways/Seating Overhangs/Work/Landing Space/etc

January 24, 2016
last modified: January 24, 2016

Note: Due to the size limitations imposed by Houzz, this FAQ will span several posts in this thread.


When designing a kitchen, being aware of spatial needs
is key. Designing a kitchen with aisles
that are too narrow or seating overhangs that are too shallow can cause angst
later. So, to avoid future regrets and
to help you design a kitchen that is truly a functional and pleasant place to
work in, here are a few things to keep in mind:



Counter overhangs...Counters usually have an
overhang of 1.5" beyond a cabinet box. So, with standard 24" deep
base cabinets, the counter will extend another 1.5" beyond for a total
counter depth of 25.5".

  • This overhang is designed
    to protect cabinets, doors/drawer fronts, and the inside of drawers/cabinets
    from spills on the counter. By extending past the cabinet & doors, spills
    are directed away from the cabinet boxes/doors/drawer fronts/insides. A bit
    more than 0.75" of that 1.5" overhang is to cover the doors/drawer
    fronts + the space b/w the door/drawer front and the cabinet box, which protects
    not only the doors/drawer fronts, but also the insides of the drawers &
    cabinets; the other 0.75" covers the knobs/pulls to protect them from
    spills as well as directs spills away from the cabinets/doors/drawer
    fronts. Spills drop straight down to the
    floor and do not curve down to the fronts of the cabinets, etc. Note: If you have a full bullnose or other edge
    that curves under, the curve will direct spills under the counter overhang and,
    possibly, onto your doors/drawer fronts and/or into your drawers or cabinets.
  • Exception: If you have inset cabinets, then a counter overhang of 0.5" to 0.75"
    is acceptable (depending on the depth of your drawer pulls/knobs). Since the doors and drawer fronts of inset
    are "inset" into the cabinet frame, you do not need to sixe the
    overhang to accommodate the doors/drawer front.
    However, keep in mind that the overhang is also counter workspace – so
    if you reduce it, you are reducing the depth of your workspace!


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